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Nintendo NX with “industry-leading technology”: Must be PS4 and Xbox … –

New information about the Wii U and 3DS successor NX: Receiving PS4 and Xbox One near future serious competition

The Wall Street Journal claims to have received from a trusted source of news about the mysterious NX hardware?. So Nintendo has now begun, 3rd party partners to deliver first development kits with which new games can be developed for the new hardware.

According to the Wall Street Journal at least two different devices are published under the NX-Banner that will replace both Wii U as well as 3DS. As the precise interaction of the two components will look like is still unclear. However, the WSJ describes a scenario by one can continue playing a game console or part thereof on the go on the mobile component. Whether console and handheld will be published separately as a hybrid or, remains unclear. However, past statements by the late Nintendo President Satoru Iwata to the supposition that there will be two different devices, which – similar to the iPhone and iPad -. Share an operating system and a related hardware architecture

 Tatsumi Kimishima is the new Pr & # XE4; President of Nintendo

Tatsumi Kimishima is the new president of Nintendo

The sources of the Wall Street Journal also claim that Nintendo will put the NX-Geräen on “industry-leading chip” to respond to criticism that the poor performance of the Wii U complained. However, what does this mean in plain language, remains unclear. “Leaders” can mean finally much and need not necessarily be based on the pure hardware power

Additional credibility receives the report by the fact that Nintendo shortly after publication of the article has demonstrated its new developer portal online. Here publishers and developers can register and access various Software Development Kits and Services, which provides Nintendo. It seems likely that the new software is designed primarily on the development of NX software.

Nintendo wants to reveal in 2016 to what it is exactly be in NX. Analysts expect a release in the same year. However, Nintendo does not start more single track: In addition to the traditional console market you would soon publish Smartphone games. In addition, one wants to license its popular brands strengthened in other companies: How Universal is already planning a Nintendo theme park

That’s why I think one would write off Nintendo’s NX ambitions not.. The Japanese company has finally has often demonstrated its unpredictability prove -. And that Totgesagte but live just longest

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