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SMART Technologies ID presents new LEGIC PC / SC installation and desktop … – rfid ready – information portal for RFID technology

SMART Technologies ID presents new LEGIC PC / SC installation and Desktop Reader

 RFID LEGIC desktop reader PCSC Kevelaer, 10/19/2015 – With standardized PC / SC interface integrate LEGIC

Security and integration are in field of access control to constant change. The hardware should be able to follow the standards as long as possible. The selection of suitable RFID readers should be construed as the corporate strategy in the long term.

An internationally successful approach to standardization is the PC / SC standard. This was developed by the PC / SC Workgroup and implemented among others by Microsoft in the Windows PC operating system. In this approach, the manufacturer must provide a device driver, the then accesses the operating system and the uniform application interface provides.

RFID LEGIC installation reader PCSC The new LEGIC PC / SC reader and mounting the desktop Reader version of SMART Technologies are unique due to their standardized PC / SC interface for LEGIC technology. Any application that RFID technology by using the unique serial number (UID), has accordingly incorporated PCSC 2.01 can use technology without additional effort, the proprietary LEGIC.

So also the complete feature set of the LEGIC technology can be used , just a transparent channel is provided by the PC / SC reader driver. In addition to LEGIC also 13.56 MHz and 125 kHz RFID chips can be used in appropriate adjustments to the configuration settings. The product has been developed for the desktop application or as a PCB for integration into terminals.


– PC / SC 2:01 Standard Interface for LEGIC
– USB 2.0
– Modern design
– Integration module
– No integration effort

Supported chip types:

– LEGIC PRIME MIM256 / 1024
– LEGIC ATC128 / 256-MV210
– LEGIC ATC512-MP110
– LEGIC ATC1024-MV110
> – LEGIC ATC2048 / 4096-MP110 / MP310 / MP311
– AFS4096-JP10 / JP11
– Mifare 1K / 4K / ultralight / plus
– DESFire EV1


– Housing: Material ABS, color white or black
– Dimensions : 80 x 56 x 10 mm
– Interface: PC / SC
– Options: customized front cover / custom cable
– Power Supply: 5.0V DC
– Status display: 2 x LEDs , 1 x Summer
– reading distance: up to 100 mm (depending on transponder type and environment)
– Temperature range: -20 ° to + 60 ° C
– CE, RoHs

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