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Technological achievements

Most people make the mistake that they confuse technological advances in research with the use of this technology by the Company. Because in a first step must be a technology achievement. This is done by basic research and usually by massive use of resources. The result is a technological breakthrough, but its use is not more legitimate can be economical. Generally we speak of lack of marketability. This has two dimensions in the rule: to be the reliability and quality of achievement and the lack of ability to produce an acceptable cost. A technology is either not good enough or too expensive. Or usually both.

(Photo: Shutterstock)
Technological progress is often confused with the use of technology by the Company. (Graphic: Shutterstock)

In a second step, it is about how and at what speed new technologies adapted by the company, so used is. This depends largely on two factors:

How much essential added value can bring the technology of the Company

The better technology solves problems of humanity, the quicker they will be adapted. The problems range from complex diseases such banal as the water consumption of a toilet. Small everyday problems proceed normally big questions. So as a general rule.

Are there already existing technology (and products) which generate the new technology a strong essential added value?

problems of humanity can be more than ever by combining solving of various technologies. For example, could the Internet as we know it will find only really inclusive application when it became ubiquitous with mobile phone technology. The combination of the technology provided the solution.

When is it for investments interesting

From leaves the above-mentioned facts are derived that for investments primarily times the second section, so the adaptation of Technology by the company, is of interest. It is rarely interesting to invest in basic research, unless you can show a clear way how you bring a newly acquired technology for adaptation. That is usually given only for strategic investors.

I-retail clients?

As a small investor, and by that I mean not aware of the small speculators, I should therefore on companies and industries concentrate, which are either:

  • may bring an existing technology in clearly foreseeable future to the woman
  • combine different technologies to create a new application in the company

The product thus created has to solve a social problem. And so are far all basic conditions are met, which must respectively satisfy a sector an industry to be below investment grade.

Overview of investment worthy industries

Here is a small list of sectors which I think we could see a corresponding development:

Battery Technology

 Nexus-4-split battery
in battery technology is still much room for improvement.

There are so many applications that are just waiting for that powerful batteries are available. From the electric car with a range that engine models is equal, on electric aircraft and electric chainsaws up to the smartphone that keeps one week. Greatly improved battery technology will change our lives fundamentally. I expect in the next few months several innovations in this area. The cost of batteries will continue to fall sharply, which further accelerates the adaptation. Companies that benefit from strong, such as Tesla run so systematically in a better position.


prostheses have in recent years gone through an enormous change. A change that was driven primarily by the use of new and improved materials. In the last 24 months digitization has now broken through properly and we see prostheses which we had so not considered possible even ten years ago. The video above sums it up. I expect that this type of technology in the next five years will hold in the market catchment and will considerably improve the lives of people with such a disability.


The medicine is just at a turning point. On the one hand decreases in the population just acceptance for general medicine, as people have realized that medicine amazingly holds few reliable methods for complex diseases. Paradoxically, it is technologically at a point at which heralds a paradigm shift. Because the decoding the human genome, coupled with the enormous power increase of computer capacities, now make it possible to develop active virtual. Instead of following the Try-& amp; find -error process in countless trials drugs which act in a certain range of situations, the models can be calculated. This speeds up the process for an enormous, but also makes it considerably cheaper. In addition, with this development, the cornerstone was laid for a highly individualized medicine, which in general is regarded as key to the medical revolution.


Building a house is incredibly complicated. Especially in Europe is a complex interplay of various providers and suppliers. And surprisingly inefficient. Starting with the planning and coordination on the cost management to the creation of Zulieferungskomponenten can significant improvements be made. Here you can afford the digitization various contributions and I expect that we will soon see a general contractor, who will take over as Tech Companies only coordination and mediation. Build houses with an optimized, digital-based approach. A kind Uber for the construction industry. In addition, the 3D printing will find their way. Whether this is for the entire building, as shown in China from a provider, or of individual components, first does not matter. The fact is, much of what ordered consuming today, carted and needs to be adjusted, can relatively easily be made with 3D printers. At the construction site – just in time. 3D printers are improving just rapidly and we will soon see appropriate providers in the construction industry.

financial sector

 banking apps in the test. ( Graphics: Shutterstock)
The future in the banking sector will be exciting. (Graphic: Shutterstock)

The financial sector has to experience a second spring due to the potential of new technologies. Maybe not the players, which now dominate the financial sector, but the economic field is very exciting. With the increasing abolition of cash, new opportunities, such as for parallel currencies, consider what other segments as territorial areas arise. This may seem at first glance totally crazy, but from a social perspective there is nothing against a monetary diversity, which also allows private players. It minimizes the risk of the entire system, reduces transaction costs dramatically and allows a crowd based financing industry. The underlying driver is also here digitization respectively the greatly increased computing performance combined with steadily declining costs. I think there are already tentative beginnings in this development. I expect that we will no longer see in 30 years banking as we know it today. Quite simply because it is no longer necessary.

Paradigm Shift

Now, I am not an investment advisor and I give here nor investment advice in the proper sense. Rather, I would like for the fundamental paradigm shift, which makes technological progress possible awareness. Must perform

this change the company already own. She does it usually unaware and at once but lurches to small along, gains personal benefit to a simpler life. The economic tried in conventional models so long to deliver these benefits gains until it is no longer and there to break, the disruption, comes.

Ideally, you’re looking for you now companies that just do not solidify in conventional models, but those which can transform the great upheavals and technological advances into new products and want. The better you here already understands what will bring a future product for you specifically as a consumer, the better. Are also the people behind it by an entrepreneurial spirit, so willing to really tackle new, you can not be so wrong actually. What then remains is the “residual risk”. As always in life.


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