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The machine tool manufacturer shall provide the balance: an asset relies on a new … – Stuttgarter Zeitung

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The Manufacturer of machine tools has a first customer for its new EUV technology. And in industry 4.0 Trumpf has a new idea: it revolves around an app store for the networked production.

Trump negotiated with employee representatives & # xFC; about an extension of flexibility & # XE4; t This is the company and the. Besch & # XE4; bring ftigten benefits The picture shows the production in Ditzingen Photo: Loster / Stocking
Trump negotiated with the employee representatives on the possible expansion of flexibility. This is intended to bring the company and the employees benefits. The picture shows the production in Ditzingen Photo: Loster / Stocking

Ditzingen – For ten years, Trump engaged in a high-tech process for the production of microchips, the so-called EUV technology. With the major order from a US chip manufacturer on 15 such systems now, the breakthrough seems to have succeeded, said Trump President Nicola Leibinger-Kammüller at the presentation of the balance sheet in Ditzingen. TEU stands for Extreme Ultra-Violet Lithography. It makes it possible to accommodate smaller structures and thus a greater storage capacity on a chip – and this significantly reduced in power consumption. Trumpf works in this process with the optical company Zeiss and the Dutch chip-equipment ASML. When stocking up 250 employees deal with the technology. In the past, the introduction had been delayed due to problems repeatedly.

Even now are not eliminated all the difficulties. Thus, the light source is not reliable, said Leibinger-Kammüller. But she is confident that the problems can be solved. Nevertheless that a buyer for the new systems has found a reason: The introduction of the current generation of chips with traditional technique is more difficult and expensive than expected, explained CEO Peter Leibinger. How much Trump has invested in the new process, Leibinger could not tell. He pointed out that in the next two years at its headquarters in Ditzingen arises a complex of buildings in order to create optimal conditions for the process. 70 million euros invested in the family new production areas and clean rooms. In the past fiscal year, TRUMPF has implemented 100 million euros with the EUV technology, in five to eight years, it will be up to 500 million euros, said Leibinger.

New start-up founded

The company also

Opportunities calculated from another field – the networking of production (industry 4.0). A central role games this software. Trump wants networking not given to third parties, but organize themselves, Nicola Leibinger-Kammüller said. Therefore, a new subsidiary was established now that Axoom GmbH in Karlsruhe. The company employs 22 employees, mainly software engineers. Axoom has developed a platform that represents the entire value chain in the production. The basic idea: Modern machine finished so fast that they offer very little potential for an increase in productivity, explained Trump CEO Mathias Kammüller. In contrast, the potential is not yet fully exploited in process steps such as the procurement of materials. On the new platform are vendor-independent programs are ready for the complete production process – similar to apps on a smartphone. Also be networked customers and suppliers. “We offer virtually all industrial customers with manufacturing processes, the possibility of their processes to organize into a single system from beginning to end itself,” said Leibinger-Kammüller.

Good yield

The machine tool manufacturer is the last financial year – it ended on 30 June – has grown significantly. “Downright joy” (Leibinger-Kammüller) make it the result before taxes. The increase of 44 percent was however partly due to the sale of the medical division, which had increased its operating result by 72 million euros. Adjusted for this effect is apparent a return of 10.5 (previous year: 9.6) per cent. For the current year the Trump boss is cautiously optimistic. Due to the multitude of geopolitical uncertainty, she hopes to be able to maintain the level of the previous year. “Crises like the recent scandal at VW show, however, how little the planned business has become more”, said Leibinger-Kammüller. Around 15 percent of its revenues trump with the auto industry. If VW save on investment and shorten at the suppliers, it will also meet the Ditzinger, the Trumpf chief.

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