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Tremco Illbruck multifunction sealing tapes with new “stage technology” – Baulinks

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(10/27/2015) multifunction sealing tapes do since 2007, when
 Illbruck the first multifunction straps with patented side impregnation
 brought to market, the window assembly easier and safer, by all
 three levels professionally seal – with up to 80% time savings
 Compared to traditional installation methods. Since October 2015, there are now the
 pending next generation sealing tapes with the patent
 “Stages” technology. Its principle: More foam inside leads to an increased
 Density of the material. The promises in brief …

  • easy installation (wedge-shaped geometry of the compressed
     “Physical state”),

  • energy savings (air-tightness),

  • no formation of mold (permanent drying out of the joint).

The inner side of the sealing strip
 is already doubled the factory. The resulting at this point
 “Level” is the installation of the window for a stronger compression of
 Foam care, resulting in a more closed cell foam structure. The s d value
 increases so on the inside, and there is a vapor diffusion gradient
 from the inside to the outside (RAL LZM 06.2014.). This results in a permanent
 Drying of the joint, and it should be so can not form a mold.
 Furthermore, it is an improved air-tightness (BGR) on the inside
 given what is energy-saving multifunction sealing tapes effect.

Illbruck with the new stage technology solve now the first generation of
 Multifunction sealing tapes from side with impregnation.

Getting illbruck-stage technology products

In October
 2015 came two illbruck multifunction sealing tapes with
 Stepped technology to market: illmod TP652
 trioplex + and TP321 illmod MultiBasic. Both EC1Plus are certified for healthy building.

 Premium tape illbruck TP652 illmod trioplex + can be in six different frame widths
 use of five different applications. Even joints Exterior Applications
 should be professionally with this product
 blank seal. It did not matter whether it comes to passive houses,
 New buildings, conversions or inventory to the pure thermal insulation goes.

 Airtightness (BGR) Watertightness (BG1 tested) and the
 thermal insulation filling the window joint grants Tremco illbruck in
 Part of its i3 Window Sealing Systems a 10-year extended warranty.

For the bottom sealing was illbruck
 TP321 illmod MultiBasic
developed. The sealing strip is suitable for
 concealed joints and is currently available for two frame widths and two areas of application. Can with a band dimension
 one thus sealing joints 7-20 mm. The long-term UV protection takes
 outer weather protection level. TP321 complies with the characteristics of the
 Watertightness (BG2), airtightness (BGR) and thermal insulation. also
 TP321 complies with the requirements of the RAL guidelines for installation.

Matched sprayable setting blocks

 Window installation with the multifunction sealing strips TP652 and TP321
 part of the window assembly adhesive illbruck SP351. As ift-tested
 Splash pad, it provides in particular for the installation of safety windows
  at. The 1-component, stable, elastic adhesive
 Hybrid polymer base is matched to the Illbruck multifunction bands.
 SP351 is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The product
 is isocyanate, silicone and solvent free and EC1Plus certified.

For more information about
 Multifunction sealing tapes can be made by
  email to Tremco illbruck are required


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