Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Directx 12s Explicit multi-adapter technology allows Geforce Radeon plus – Gulli

In the future, it is probably less play a role if a Geforce graphics card from Nvidia or AMD Radeon card of one fetches. Why not both? Because with the new graphics interface DirectX 12, it is possible to couple two graphics cards from different manufacturers – and it works

Radeon and Geforce cooperate

Previously you had to be a gamer ever! decide whether you would rather buy a Radeon or GeForce card. Both have advantages and disadvantages. But with DirectX 12 one need not decide. When the wallet allows it, you simply buy both. DirectX 12 has the explicit multi-adapter technology, through which it is possible to have two graphics cards from different manufacturers to be addressed and used.

The Games Studio Oxide currently works with Ashes of the Singularity at a first DirectX -12 game. Now a demo of the game was presented, which makes use of the Explicit multi-adapter technology. For use came an AMD Radeon Fury X and NVIDIA GeForce 980 Ti, which together performed their duties. The demo showed several things. Firstly, the system works perfectly. Both graphics cards are used and the demo was soft as butter. On the other hand, however, also showed that it is important at higher resolutions, to determine which graphics card is the primary. The higher the resolution, the higher the computational effort and the weaker card is makes itself more noticeable.

The technology is currently still in an experimental stage and there are still eliminate many teething troubles. The driver compatibility plays a role wichtie. Still, the demo of Ashes of the Singularity, that it will be really possible in future to combine two graphics cards from different manufacturers, what is likely to be interesting for integrated graphics cards. Then you can enjoy the advantages of both cards. / off


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