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3D touch technology – Synaptics announces Clear Force technology for … –

Synaptics Clear Force Technology

Source: YouTube / Synaptics

The current-generation iPhone is already waiting for a 3D-touch operation. Here, the touch of the screen is not only self-recorded and converted into commands, and the amount of pressure of the finger on the display seems off. The company Synaptics has now presented with Clear Force an operator who might in other smart phones will be used.


The company from San Jose explained, one could already deliver early next year first smartphone models with the new technology.

Using Clear Force should one on each display, for example, can change the scroll speed by pressure change. In addition to the challenges and zooming can be worked accurately images. For the Chinese market emphasizes Synaptics that you can affect the thickness of lines more easily, which can provide a simpler notation of Chinese characters. The handling and the operation of games on smartphones to be markedly improved by Clear Force.

Furthermore, one should the function of the “right Maustatste” So can customize a context menu to the indentation hardness. One of the things Apple’s 3D Touch currently has and which can also be used on smartphones from other manufacturers on Synaptics -. So soon well on Android phones

To be able to supply those businesses as soon as possible, you have to already worked very closely the development phase with several manufacturers, according to a press release

In a video the Clear Force technology will be presented in more detail:.


Source: Synaptics

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