Friday, October 9, 2015

New technology at the Klinikum Arnsberg: 3-D video from the abdominal cavity – WDR News

From Heinz Krischer

In Arnsberg recently with 3-D technology operates. In the “keyhole surgery” is inserted into the body in addition to the surgical instruments a camera. She makes three-dimensional video images that can be seen on a 3-D screen, the surgeon. This enables more precise operations

Dr Jörg Sauer with. the new 3-D system
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Dr. Jörg Sauer with the new 3-D system

A high-resolution camera and a three-dimensional perspective to know a lot of blockbuster films from the cinema. Now there is also in the hospital – in the operating room. “This technological progress also brings a significant added value for the medicine,” says Jörg Sauer, chief physician of the Clinic for General, Visceral and Minimally Invasive Surgery at the Klinikum Arnsberg. Therefore, the hospital has now bought a 3-D system for almost 100,000 euros. It should be mentioned in the field of minimally invasive surgery, also keyhole surgery, are used.

is one of 14 centers of reference

“For many years, interventions are carried out through the abdominal wall into the keyhole technique with us “says Dr. Sauer. The Arnsberger clinic nationwide currently one of only 14 centers of reference for this type of minimally invasive surgery. The technique used to date yielded only two-dimensional images from the abdominal cavity. “The new 3-D technology combines the gentle minimally invasive procedure with a brilliant and three-dimensional image reproduction,” says Dr. Sauer. Better distinguish


The operators working in a darkened operating room, have on 3-D glasses and watch so that the 3-D monitor. Thanks to a high-resolution spatial image the surgeon can recognize structures more accurately. “I have as a surgeon a better orientation for example in the abdomen,” says Dr. Frank Sauer’s colleague Pahlisch. “I can better sewing, knot or also prepare with this technology.” And it can be recognized more details. “Certain tissue layers can be better differentiated, that is, I can better distinguish from normal tissue, for example, tumor tissue,” explains Dr. Pahlisch.

Less risks and side effects

have for patients minimally invasive surgical technique anyway advantages compared to conventional, open surgical procedures. The risk of side effects such as wound infection, incisional hernias or surgery-related adhesions in the abdominal cavity will be reduced, less burdened the patient’s immune system. Patients recover faster and usually can go home earlier. These advantages would now better than ever before thanks to the new 3-D technology.


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