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German Castrol: Castrol oil change invents new: The revolutionary … – Tagesspiegel

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Hamburg (ots ) – With Nexcel Castrol brings a new, breakthrough technology to market, marking the most significant oil change innovation in automotive history. The system offers manufacturers and motorists three primary advantages in terms of efficiency, service and sustainability:

1. Castrol has proven that Nexcel in modern engines causes a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions (CO2). Furthermore, the technology paves the way for a new generation of specially developed engine oils, allow further improvements in performance and CO2 savings potential

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2. Nexcel makes the oil change super fast and clean for workshops, so that they can offer their customers more flexible and convenient service options

. 3. Nexcel oil cells are collected and avoiding unnecessary use of waste oil after use. Used oil can then be converted by re-refining in high demanding lubricants. If Nexcel would today fit into every car in the world,

Paul Waterman, CEO of Castrol would save annually more than 200,000 road tankers on to the producing fresh oil says. “We are convinced that this is the biggest leap of oil change technology in the history of the internal combustion engine. The engineers from Castrol are leaders in their field and have here a truly innovative piece of development technology brought to paths. It is the result of nearly three years of work, but once the people the benefits of emissions see and maintenance as well as the significant benefits for the environment, they will wonder why it has not been developed before, “

The Nexcel system has been tested in a range of engines -. of very small city cars right up to modern high-performance racing engines under extreme conditions. It works smoothly even under the toughest braking loads of up to 1.8 g – enough to stop a vehicle at 100 km / h in 1.6 seconds. In addition, the flow of oil has been tested up to 600 liters per minute in the system – which is 10 to 20 times more than usual in a conventional car engine

Richard Parry-Jones, an executive in the automotive industry and chairman. of the Nexcel Advisory Board says: “The entire Castrol history is marked by innovation, with scientific help improve the performance of their lubricants and are regarded as leaders in their industry Nexcel represents one of the most important innovations It provides a solution for a problem that is on.. the radar screen of the manufacturer is. And if the Nexcel technology becomes standard, people are asking why we have not done it in a different way. “

The system will be in developed for motorsport, new Aston Martin Vulcan Supercar come as standard. Road cars, which are equipped with Nexcel are expected to start within five years in the production. Aston Martin CEO Dr. Andy Palmer said: “We are sure that the Aston Martin Vulcan sets an entirely new standard in the ultra-high luxury supercar class, just as the Nexcel technology marks a new standard in the engine lubrication is why we believe. to bring it as meaningful, these two technological innovations together and showcase their skills. “

The test and install Nexcel in a low-volume car like the Vulcan helped to accelerate the development of the oil cell. This also means that mass production is possible much earlier. Castrol is currently in talks with several other car manufacturers

Photo and video material can be found at this link: Username – Password Castrol – Castrol

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