Friday, October 30, 2015

Should your car you must sacrifice for other people? – ABC Online


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If your car to be able to decide whether you die or not? This question is currently under discussion, when it comes to autonomous driving. Sounds theoretically. But we will see a situation where it could really come on this issue.


Self-propelled cars are the visionary future of the auto industry and are long-term for a driving relief. But the intelligent vehicles should be able to decide when an unavoidable accident and may also, how to act? An ethical dilemma that has not yet been considered in detail in the algorithmic technology of self-managing partner.

A research group of the Toulouse School of Economics has now dealt with the problem of moral autonomy of such cars. Your research question: If you program the car out in a fatal collision situation an individual for the benefit of many to sacrifice or vice versa to protect the individual at all costs?

The study interviewed several hundred users of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and put them in different scenarios with a choice: protect the driver, or his sacrifice to save, for example, a 10-member group pedestrians. The tenor, the researchers said, was positive for the charitable purpose.

About 75 percent of respondents felt it was morally right to dodge and abandon their own safety when several people would thereby prejudice them. Significantly fewer showed self-sacrificing when would involved in the accident the driver himself and only one other person.

In general, only 65 percent actually believed the fact that the self-propelled car could really be programmed in such a reaction. According to the study, it was possible for manufacturers and regulators, for example, through the help of trained experimental psychologists and scientists test the algorithms that eventually could apply in the car itself.

Legally it concerns with this consideration but still a gray area. Because in addition to the actual installation difficulty, we must not the question of how consumers would react to a possible technology that cost the lives of at worst, or other people Eben rescues could.

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