Friday, October 23, 2015

Curated Shopping 8select thought otherwise braces itself with technology against … – (blog)

In the wild competition of Curated shopping retailer was 8select, began operations in 2013, always rather a small number – especially since competitors like Outfittery have now been funded with millions. To the competitive and intensive consulting Curated to survive shopping segment permanently, this is probably necessary. The many style consultants and many goods are simply expensive.

The 8select-maker Alexander Grünauer, Mathias Stiefel and Michael Stiefel now no longer want to join these expensive competition and flee into another form of Curated shopping, a mixture from classic online shop and Curated shopping. 8select-founder Mathias Boots calls the new model over a “dynamic Curated shopping system”. The Regensburger make it even “sustainable use of widespread Curated Shopping models for the customer in question.” While thus justify their harsh change of strategy. And that’s the point: The 8select team now sets no longer completely on personal style consultant, put together outfits for customers, but on a technology that clothe the customer quasi.

This technology is based on a customer profile complete outfits, so-called meta outfits, with several variants together, from which the customer can then choose. “Our adaptive algorithm searches from tens of billions of combinations those outfits out that fit the personal style and fit of each customer,” says co-founder 8select Grünauer. The team of start-ups, more precisely the style consultants have previously designed outfits that match specific types. Each recommendation was however unique and highly personalized, promises Grünauer. Each outfit wearing this the handwriting style of our experienced engineers, the shopping expert continues.

If a customer then do not want to have the recommended green pants from the proposed outfit, he can replace these with a few clicks to another – which is not possible with other Curated shopping providers. There you rather buy the cat in the bag. When new 8select model, customers have thus take back control of their own outfit. And 8select itself saves the immense stocks of various outfits, because the new model, the young company is working fully with existing stores, at present, there are around 50, together. 8select earned thus now has a commission based affiliate model money. Unlike Outfittery and Co. is now 8select therefore not a competitor of existing online stores more. This young company provides this even additional revenue. And in the long term probably also a white label solution that allows shop owners themselves can lift the outfit Vendor. This would then still a new strategy

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