Wednesday, October 21, 2015

300 Mbit / s: Alcatel-Lucent shows new DSL technology Vplus –

Alcatel-Lucent has introduced commercially available products that are based on the Vplus DSL technology. That gave the network equipment on 21 October 2015 known in the Broadband World Forum 2015 in London. The DSL technology, which claims to have originally developed the group, will as VDSL2 profile 35b of the UN organization ITU-T standardized


The technology enables combined data rates of around 200 MBit / s. over ordinary copper telephone cable at distances of up to 500 meters At distances shorter than 250 meters the speed climb to 300 MBit / s.

Vplus enable higher bit rates than VDSL2 17a and allows greater distances than The port density of Vplus it enables network operators to use existing junction. In Vplus no fiber optic cables are laid to the distribution point would have to the building or. Network operators could switch to the new DSL technology, without having to replace the devices.

The network provider A1 in Austria would with Vplus “to cover the demand for fast Internet” . Marcus Cruel, CTO of A1, said that the concern had already Vectoring tested and implemented. “Now we are among the first to bring customers through Vplus grid.”

Alcatel-Lucent Vplus provides linecards (NDLT-J / K) for 7302 ISAM and 7330 ISAM FD-16 FD-8 shelves with support for Vplus (35b) and VDSL2 (17a). Existing System Level Vectoring processor cards (NDPS B) could be used for Vplus 7302 ISAM and 7330 ISAM FD-16 FD-8 shelves. Existing ISAM 7363 MX-6 Micro Nodes with VDSL2 Vectoring linecards (RDLt-B / C and RDLs-A) support Vplus after a software update



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