Friday, October 16, 2015

Euphoria in technology IPOs in US recedes –

San Francisco (Reuters) – On Wall Street, the boom in technology IPOs weakens gradually from

This is a Reuters analysis of data on the opinions of debutants.. Thus, five of the twelve US technology companies that target this year on the stock market, there is only about as high as or even lower than previously assessed. This corresponds to a rate of 42 percent. In the previous year the dividend was only at 24 percent. One example is the data storage specialist Pure Storage, the went public this month. He reached a market capitalization of 3.1 billion dollars. This was approximately the size that he scored earlier with closed financing rounds.

bankers, venture capitalists and investors now speak of a verhaltenerem investment climate for companies in the Silicon Valley. “People are no longer crazy when it comes to reviews and expectations,” said Adam Marcus of the venture capital firm OpenView Venture Partners.

The data obtained from the suppliers and Ipreo Ritchbook. They were evaluated by Reuters.


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