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So thin and as powerful as ever, the new iPad 2 Air, Apple has unveiled on Thursday. In a revolutionary innovation, however, the IT market is waiting until further notice. The iPad sales have halved compared to the first quarter of this year. And also from Germany come today rather bad news for IT shareholders., The Walldorf-based software giant SAP shortened its profit forecast in the current quarter report

The market does not reward the outstanding financial results of growth stocks in the technology sector currently, said Mark Hawtin (Photo below). Explains the fund manager of the Star Technology (WKN A1H7SV) of the London fund company GAM: “The current mismatch between business location and course development offers investors a chance to get started.” He even had the recent weakness period used in the summer to share a producer of online marketing software as well as a provider of online trading to buy.

Traditional computer lose significance
Refusing, the fund manager, however the industry giants such as Microsoft, Apple and IBM over. An exception are Facebook and Intel. “The traditional PC market is losing importance, and Intel win the divisions that operate in the growth segments of the technology sector, gain weight,” says Hawtin its investments.

In the past three years Hawtin went on invoice, so he currently leads the race return of its peer group. The ten best equity fund technology can be found in the procontra fund analysis

– 2.65 8
# fund KAG Code maximum value loss
running. Year (%)
running. Year (%)
3 years (%)
TER (%)
1 GAM Star Technology GAM A1H7SV – 13.50 – 2.89 69.34 1.72
2 JPM Europe Technology JP Morgan A0DQH6 – 6.32 4.91 nv 1.90
3 Janus Global Technology Janus Capital Funds A0B70Q – 5.45 3.41 59.29 2.72
4 DNB Technology DNB Asset Management A0MWAN – 0.73 2.71 56.17 2.79
5 Raiffeisen -Techno shares Raiffeisen Investment A0BKN0 – 0.40 14.32 55.91 1.70
6 S SGA Technology State Street GA 588 802 -2.20 11.25 55.17 align-right”> 1.30.
12.43 n
Polar Capital Global Technology Polar Capital 749 717 – 10.90 5.49 52.06 n
9 Franklin Technology Franklin Templeton A1H7Y2 – 8.13 10.72 51.46 1.32
10 Lux-Sector Information Technologies Banque et Caisse d ‘Epargne de l’Etat 937 557 – 0.54 11.54 50.72 n

In the procontra fund analysis take a look at information on over 20,000 mutual funds from twelve asset classes of equity funds to alternative investments. These include equity funds technology also 129 products in the category.

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