Friday, October 10, 2014

Guest Post: Industry 4.0 is Germany’s chance for the future – Handelsblatt

“Industry 4.0″ is a collective term for a profound structural change in the economy has become. The term is meant not only the phenomenon of digitization and increasing networking of entire production chains describe, but bring fundamental changes to the point that await the production and management.

Industry 4.0 offers great opportunities. A study of the high-tech association Bitkom expected for the six sectors of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automotive, chemical industry, agriculture and information and communication technology by 2025 an additional value creation potential of 78 billion euros and annual growth of 1.7 percent by Industry 4.0 technologies.

Although the modern service economy has been summoned as a model in public discourse in recent years, now seems even some re-industrialization in Germany possible. This is mainly because that can be produced by decentralized new technologies and it no longer matters only to large factories with many workers. After decades of outsourcing of production to low-wage countries such production could be brought back to Germany because the new digital production also requires skilled workers who understand the new complex production processes – and there are in this country. Moreover, in Germany there are networks of science, industry and a digital creative industries, enabling digital Produce only. First companies are already planning therefore their production to shift back to Germany.

But with the digitization of production are also great fears connected. If the smart factory the future, in which production is increasingly automated, be a deserted factory? A study by Oxford scientists comes around to the conclusion that 47 percent of all jobs could be threatened in the United States in the next one to two decades. The Industry 4.0 could be as true to create more growth, but also lead to more unemployment

digitization as a mega trend. Quite new and yet uncharted territory

Industry 4.0 as a future topic is now not only a growing recognition of the relevant research institutes such as the Fraunhofer Institutes or the German Academy of Science and Engineering, but also in the political Berlin. So the federal government has recently adopted a digital agenda. And on Monday discussed about Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser with Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel on the economy receiving the SPD Parliamentary Group on Industrial 4.0. Such meetings also ensures identify important starting points for successful economic and social policy strategy to address the digitization serve.


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