Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Axel-Springer-Vice: socialism with today’s technology possible – (press release)

Springer-Vice Christoph Keese holds the future success of a socialist planned economy possible, at least with the currently available technology. This emerges from a conversation that he had with the newspaper “Junge Welt”.

In it he said: “It might actually be that the socialist planned economy failed at the time not yet existing technology and that a new planned economy under digital sign would be possible, the cloud and the Internet are the best tools for that..” He had “always understood as a kind of linker”, the Vice-President of the Axel Springer Group in the Saturday appearing this week said. However, there are social goals that technically could not be achieved.

If this Keese is one of happiness. The Marxists, so he goes on to say, would have given the pace of technological development in addition to “the selectivity of terms to worry”. For example, the left hand should be prompted to “redefine what the property is actually exactly in Marxist sense in the digital age”. In the discussion must also address social distortions in high-tech capitalism, the calculi of venture capitalists, monopolies of internet groups and the Californian Ideology.

reason for this interview is Keeses just published book “Silicon Valley”.


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