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Epidemic: Ebola patient landed in Frankfurt – Business Week

Another Ebola-infected persons in Germany is treated. Information on the identity and medical history are not currently available. The authorities continue to search for the contacts of an infected person in the United States.

With a nighttime air ambulance a second Ebola patient has been brought to Germany. The machine with the aid workers landed early Friday morning at the Frankfurt airport. The man was taken to the isolation ward of the University Hospital under tight security. The end of August an Ebola patient had already been treated from West Africa in the University Hospital in Hamburg-Eppendorf. Meanwhile, went to the United States to search for people on, had contact with a Ebola sufferers.

Chronology of the current Ebola epidemic

  • December 2013

    experts assume in retrospect that there is the first case of the epidemic in the Guéckédou region in Guinea.

  • 23-25th March 2014

    In Guinea, according to a radio report about 60 people have died from Ebola, there are nearly 100 infected. Two days later Ebola is also detected in Liberia, at least five people have died.

  • 26th Soon

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO) die five people in Sierra Leone. A month later, on June 23, warning the first expert that the epidemic is out of control

  • .
    20th July

    In Nigeria, a government adviser Liberia collapses at the airport. . Days later he dies, the test results: he had been infected with Ebola

  • fourth August

    The disease is also spreading in Nigeria, there can, however, be contained.

  • 7-8. August

    the first time an Ebola-infected people is brought to Europe: Spain fly a the priest Miguel Pajares. He died shortly afterwards. . On 8 August, the WHO classifies the epidemic as an international health emergency, a

  • 24th August

    The Democratic Republic of the Congo reported infections with Ebola. . The outbreak is independent of the in West Africa

  • 27-29 . August

    the first time is an Ebola patient from West Africa to Germany. It is treated in the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf. Two days later reached the epidemic with a sick student from Guinea to Senegal. The patient is now considered cured

  • .

  • 30th September

    A UN Special Mission (UNMEER) opened its headquarters in Ghana. In the state of Texas is diagnosed in a man from Liberia Ebola.

After landing in Frankfurt was dominated by strict security measures. Fire and police escorted the special vehicle, with which the patient was transported to the hospital. At the rear entrance of the isolation ward several helpers accompanied him in full-body protective suits.

information regarding the nationality of the man and his use of the Ebola epidemic area were it not first. In the course of Friday, but details should be communicated. On Thursday, the organizers of the flight had long feared, if the patient’s condition would permit even a transport to Germany.

In Texas, a man is being treated, who had been infected in Africa with Ebola and then fell ill on the trip to the USA. The U.S. health authorities are trying by all means to contain the danger. Hundreds of doctors are traveling to find contact persons of the man to investigate and if necessary to isolate. Four people are in quarantine, and the health authority CDC can not exclude other diseases.

“There may be other cases, but it will not spread,” said the head of the CDC, Tom Peace. About 100 people from the environment of the patient to be examined.

In Liberia, the man had shown no symptoms. “He was examined before his departure and had a body temperature of 36.3 degrees, that is quite normal. He has not shown any symptoms during the trip. “Only after days he had a fever. The condition of the man he described as “still serious”.

This is the Ebola virus

  • The virus

    The Ebola virus is one of the most dangerous pathogens in the world. ., It triggers a so-called hemorrhagic, that is, with profuse bleeding from associated continuous, fever

  • The danger

    Depending on the pathogen strain die 25 to 90 percent of patients on an Ebola disease. . Spite of intensive research, there is neither a proven vaccine or cure

  • The transmission

    The origins of the virus in the animal kingdom. People can become infected through contact with infected animals, including monkeys or bats. From person to person, the disease transmits through blood and other body fluids.

  • The disease

    The incubation period is two days to three weeks. Suddenly, fever, headache, muscle pain, weakness and sore throat use. . Later, kidney and liver function go back, it can cause severe internal bleeding

  • The Danger Zone

    Ebola occurs mainly near the African rain forest. For the first time it appeared in 1976 in Sudan and Congo near the Ebola River. He owes the disease its name.

The man threatens trouble when he gets home. Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said in an interview with the Canadian radio station CBC, she was “very upset” about the fact that the man had gone into the consciousness in the United States, having had contact with Ebola-infected. This is inexcusable. CNN she said she wanted to discuss with lawyers, what to do when he comes back home. According to media reports, he had a terminally ill woman helped into a taxi and apparently infected while.

According to David Lakey of the health authorities in Texas are currently four people under quarantine. “They show no symptoms, they do not have a fever, and all are doing well. But we have to watch them, enjoining the danger of the disease. “The patient was very well looked after and very well insulated. “We will ensure that no one is exposed to the pathogen.” Even peace was confident: “We have a lot of experience with epidemics, and we can react quickly.”

As NBC News, meanwhile, announced that sick in Liberia working for the US-transmitter cameraman Ebola. Originally from the USA freelancers am taken for treatment in the United States, it said. According to NBC News, the man had been engaged on Tuesday for shooting in the capital Monrovia. The other NBC employees were also flown in the USA and there initially asked for three weeks in quarantine, said the head of the station, Deborah Turness with. Liberia is one of the hardest hit by the Ebola epidemic in West Africa countries.


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