Friday, October 24, 2014

Hamburg building technology business incubator –

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as of 23/10/2014 14:18 clock

Hamburg builds together with the research center DESY and the University at the Research Campus Bahr field a new business incubator. This is in the immediate vicinity of DESY an attractive environment for young entrepreneurs and research projects will be created, as reported NDR 90.3

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Not enough money for science

Hamburg Journal – 10/23/2014 19:30 clock

In the vicinity of the research center DESY, a new business incubator created. Uni-President Lenzen nevertheless criticized the general underfunding of science in Hamburg.

Scholz praises DESY research

At DESY, physics, chemistry, biology and medical research is done already in the field. The existing field in Bahr unique infrastructure of research institutions should now be able to be used by young entrepreneurs and company founders. Hamburg’s Mayor Olaf Scholz (SPD), who presented the plans for the new business incubator on Thursday, DESY praised as the world’s leading location in the field of structural research. With a variety of research institutions around DESY Hamburg could compete with US-elite universities like Stanford.

From 2017 to start-ups move

It was therefore a logical consequence, in the immediate neighborhood to settle young companies. The 5,000 square meter site on the Luruper Chaussee arises from next year, a new building for offices and laboratories. Client is DESY, the city pays a grant of 14.2 million Euros. From 2017, young start-ups and research projects should move there and can start their businesses for a nominal rent. The Incubator will later be the basis for a technology park, which will be built in Lurup.


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