Friday, October 24, 2014

Rip: WhatsApp-Pop-Up is a nasty subscription trap – Business Week

WhatsApp When there is trouble again: Behind a pop-up that the user indicates an update, put a nasty subscription trap. This is based on the mesh of a dubious third-party who cashed 4.99 euros per week.

WhatsApp users must currently be on guard: Behind a pop-up that indicates the users that would “WhatsApp expire soon,” a hidden Abzock- trick, warns the portal “”. The message has nothing to do with WhatsApp, it is rather a dubious third-party, the unsuspecting customer wants to lure you into a subscription trap.

Users are given the impression that a new version of the app required ‘m going to use the messenger further. Stands on the Pop-Up: “Your WhatsApp is about to expire charge download the latest version in order to continue to use our free service to”

Below is a large, green button with the words “Download Now!” Who clicks on it, but is redirected to another website in order to install from there the wrong app. This version costs 4.99 euros per week.

The money will be automatically billed to the mobile phone bill. Behind the rip-off puts a company called “Globway BV” based in the Netherlands. Users should ignore the advertising. Updates to WhatsApp should only be downloaded through the official stores like Google Play Store.


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