Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Nanoparticle technology: Google launches project for early detection of cancer … – Meedia

What sounds like the future, could be a reality in a few years: Google has announced that the agency responsible for research and development department Google X is working to develop an early warning system for cancer and other diseases detectable through blood tests. Serve as a basis nanoparticles. These should arrive by swallowing a tablet in the bloodstream. Pushing them there to illness altered cells, they send this information automatically to a equipped with a sensor bracelet. The data could then be evaluated by doctors and the necessary precautionary measures to be taken.

Currently, the project is in the initial phase. Many questions are still unanswered accordingly. About the extent to which it can be ensured that the nanoparticles suggest only alarm if the blood cells really have the first signs of cancer or heart problems. The room is also available, should be how to ensure that the data are subject to medical confidentiality.

Currently, Google is looking for investors for the project. For the American company, it is not the first project in the health sector. Beginning of the year was the development of diabetic contact lenses that can measure the glucose level of the patient automatically headlines. The company also holds interests in several biotech startups like 23andMe or Calico has.


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