Friday, October 24, 2014

New Google Service: With Inbox against email chaos – Business Week

Marc Etzold

With the “Inbox” Google wants important and unimportant emails better separated. The Test of Business Week Online presents: The works often, but not always.


browser, open e-mail mailbox and find a dozen of unread e-mails. Some one that goes after two weeks of vacation so other after a two-hour meeting. Apparently overflowing mailboxes are the everyday problem of the present.

Google wants to bring his new service “Inbox” order out of chaos. Ten years after the introduction of the popular e-mail service Gmail, the currently use about half a billion people worldwide, the California company wants to revise the e-mail management fundamentally.

The idea behind Inbox: E-mails should not be displayed in chronological order in the inbox. With the help of algorithms information is aggregated and weighted. The users should provide the more guidance, and enable increased productivity. Important mails are so no more go in the ground

When I click Inbox for the first time, go me two thoughts through his head. Colorful and unusual. But more on that. First, the main features include:

first Groupings: This function allows e-mails are sorted thematically. The default is for example the rubric advertising. And indeed promotional emails from Amazon, eBay and Ikea are grouped in my account sensibly

However Inbox has first placed also news in the category that do not belong there – the day in my case. appearing Handelsblatt Morning Briefing, cinema reservation confirmations or orders at the online store of Gravis. With a few clicks can the correct, so this error should no longer occur.

In the current version there is a big drawback. Until now, one could subfolder, called labels, sort the inbox. If in that subfolder einliefen new mails, it was displayed in the navigation bar by numbers (in terms of the number of new mails). These helpful hints no longer exists now. Who uses many filters, this feature is missing, as already wrote tech blogger Caschy in his blog.

second Highlights: Until now you had to open an e-mail to be able to read its contents. Through the “Highlights” feature important information is already displayed in the mail survey. Images, PDFs and other attachments are shown as a preview in the mail inbox.

Also, reservation confirmations of flights are shown together with departure and arrival time, flight number and terminal. The same applies to the delivery status of packages if the package tracking number will be in the mail. The visual presentation is very similar to Google Now, the personal assistant on Android devices.


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