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HP provides “Multi Jet Fusion” technology for 3D printing ago –

Multi-Jet Fusion Technology

For a long time there are rumors that Hewlett-Packard shake up the 3D printing industry with its own printer. So was the Managing Director of the Group’s Meg Whitman announced that in the summer of 2014 products will be presented, which rotate around the 3D printing.

During today at a media Event in New York by HP a new computer with 3D scanner was , the Group announced something is known about its 3D printing plans. Thus, HP with the “Multi Jet Fusion” technology, a proprietary process for 3D printing develops, which promises a faster set of objects (faster according to information up to 10x). Despite the rapid construction of the printed objects are very stable and at the same time easily. Can be printed in different colors as well.

The method is based on the HP on thermal inkjet technology. HP explains the method in a White Paper, among others with the following words:

As with many 3D printing Processes, HP Multi Jet Fusion TM technology starts by laying down a thin layer of material in the working area. Next, the carriage containing an HP Thermal Inkjet array passes from left-to-right, printing chemical agents across the full working area. The layering and Energy Processes are combined in a continuous matching of the second carriage from top-to-bottom. The process Continues, layer-by-layer, Until A complete part is Formed. At Each layer, the carriages change direction for optimum productivity.

Using HP Thermal Inkjet arrays With Their high number of nozzles per inch, HP ‘s proprietary synchronous architecture is Capable of printing over 30 million drops per second across Each inch of the working area.

The first customers will still be able to test the system in 2014. 2015, the first HP Multi Jet Fusion systems sold and 2016, the equipment be accessible to all. For now, the new technology of HP is aimed at business customers. Compared to other systems to the HP Multi Jet Fusion be cheaper.

In a HP to published Video of the technology are also industry experts say. So Carl Bass and LeeAnn Manon of Autodesk and Terry Wohlers of Wohlers Associates find laudatory words about the new HP -product. Terry Wohlers believes that the new technology will provide the complete 3D printing industry on its head.

Peter Weijmarshausen, CEO and co-founder of 3D printing service Shapeways commented on the Multi Jet Fusion Technology:

This video is to show the stability of the printed objects:

(C) Picture: HP



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