Saturday, October 25, 2014

New Technology – Now comes the SMS Blitzer –


Texting while driving? This is not only dangerous, but could be detected much faster by the police in the future, than you’d like.

For a US-based company is developing a device that will help the police to track mobile phone users behind the wheel. Because it is dangerous to play around as a car driver with the phone that is forbidden to us. So far, however, it is difficult for police officers, SMS sinners actually expose.

How the mobile speed camera

But the company ComSonics from the state of Virginia is working on a mobile phone detector with a function similar to that of “radar guns”. Be located while the radio frequencies that are transmitted during the data transmission of mobile phones out of the car. This also those drivers could then be discovered which put her cell phone while driving on her lap and unobtrusive type text messages there.

Supposedly, the new technology in the United States shortly before production. Also for the German market could be interesting – Insurance estimate that 20 percent of all accidents tap smartphone are due at the wheel

And the cost SMS on tax write:.

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DC s continues: Please just short the question to answer Spot

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