Saturday, October 25, 2014

Stratosphere jump: Google Manager cancels spectacular heights record – Business Week

As the adventurer Felix Baumgartner 2012 ventured a record jump from the stratosphere, the world could watch. Now surpassed a Google manager the Austrians quietly.

A 57-year-old Google Manager has probably broken with a stratospheric jump the height record of the Austrian extreme sportsman Felix Baumgartner. The computer expert Alan Eustace floated on Friday with a helium balloon to an altitude of 41.42 kilometers and jumped from there. As Baumgartner Eustace should have been faster than sound, informed the company Paragon Space Development Corporation, which had supported the record attempt.

Baumgartner jumped from a height of more than 39 kilometers over two years ago. While much media attention and a live broadcast on the Internet was in its record, the leap of Google-manager was not known until later. When starting on an abandoned runway in Roswell, inter alia, a technology reporter for the “New York Times” was there. Also Baumgartner was launched on 14 October 2012 in Roswell. Eustace, who holds to Google the title of Senior Vice-President for Knowledge, therefore, reached his jump height in about two and a half hours. He then spent about 30 minutes above. “You could the darkness of the universe and layers of the atmosphere see,” he told the “New York Times”.

The Google Manager waived unlike Baumgartner on a capsule and was only in his special suit on balloon attached convey up. He opened the parachute at an altitude of about 5.5 kilometers. Previously, he had already stabilized about four and a half minutes after take-off its flight with a mini-umbrella. The top speed has reached 822 miles per hour (nearly 1,323 kilometers per hour). The World Air Sports Federation will reported a jump altitude of 135,890 feet, wrote the “New York Times”. The competition-chief of American skydiving association have the record verified.

In the Baumgartner beverage vendor Red Bull had financed the action. Eustace told the newspaper that Google was willing to support his project. But he had rejected this because he did not want to turn into a marketing event for Google his jump. Eustace was working on the project since 2011. Among other various pieces of equipment have been newly developed.


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