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Argus II – Innovative technology from the United States can blind people again … – future trends

 Argus II - blindness cured

New Bionic eye helps blind people.

Larry Hester is 66 years old and was blind for over 30 years. The Duke Eye Center in North Carolina has managed thanks to a new technology called “Argus II Retinal Prosthesis Device” Larry to let reunion. He is the 7th person in the USA who got a bionic eye implanted and now can see after more than 30 years. Larry’s first words when he saw the light of day again were: “It’s overwhelming to see the light again after 30 long years for the first time. Oh my God, Yeah! “ As the new technology Argus II, which we had already reported at an early stage, actually helps blind people learn and work, and read it as usual in our future and Innovation Blog trends of the future .

New technology from USA can blind people see again

we had about the bionic eye Argus II reported in the past and in the meantime have 7 people get the bionic eye implanted. The device may be now not thought of as an artificial glass eye, but more than one implant, which is inserted in the damaged eye to the light receptors. The implant transmits signals from a camera, which is attached to the front of a pair of eyeglasses, to the implant, and this activates the receptors in the eye. So being made in a brain image, which is captured by the camera. After the implant is inserted, the patient must wait about 3 weeks before the body has fully accepted this and it can be activated. Argus II is still not as far to realistic HD images to be projected into the brains of humans, but it is well on the way there. In the future, blindness can be cured completely, Argus II is the best example that we are not far from such future

Video for Argus II -. Successfully Implanted

Source: Duke Eye Center


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