Thursday, October 9, 2014

HP-RTM technology by Hennecke Type: shorter curing times at the … – PresseBox (press release)

          The demand on the subject of high-pressure RTM (HP-RTM) in the field of lightweight automotive construction steadily increases. Although Hennecke GmbH is technologically prepared for the future with the STREAMLINE high pressure Dosierssystem for HP-RTM applications, move the Hennecke- process experts the limits of feasibility, piece by piece. The shortening of the specific cycle time is a decisive factor that was already in process technology combining high pressure technology and classic RTM process in focus. With VARIO CAST technology create the lightweight specialist Hennecke GmbH now to shorten the molding times for HP-RTMBauteile on. This is contrary to particular users within the series production.

Machinery Systems at STREAMLINE series are in the market for lightweight applications based on fiber-reinforced structural components already a fixed size. One reason is high-quality components and Austattungs features that are included in the ultra-modern processing systems already in the basic version. Thus, the flow measurement is for example designed independent of density, enabling a precise dosing. Added to this is an efficiently-designed heating concept with a component temperature of up to 130 ° C and the effective evacuation of raw materials in processing containers.

is not surprising that Hennecke stands out as very experienced partner when it comes to the raw material processing goes. Where process “classic” polyurethane metering machines only a few, pre-formulated components, in particular dose Hennecke-scale plants, for example in the production of foam goods or sandwich panels often more than 50 individual components with extreme mixing ratios and integral formulas. It is this expertise now forms the basis for a useful additional feature in dosing the STREAMLINE series: the separation of the activator in the form of a single additive strand (VARIO CAST technology)

Here, the STREAMLINE not dosed about after a specified discharge rate. , but according to a function dependent on time. But why this feature is so interesting for HP-RTM applications? Thereby connected to shorten the curing time and the form of life continues, can the injected mixture in its activation time-dependent influence. The advantage is that the basic raw material has a specific start time and thus to receive a custom curing time depending on the amount of the additional activation, which is much shorter compared to a fixed activation. Through the use of VARIO CAST is mold life, may lower long shot episodes. This fact is especially for large-scale production of lightweight components, such as within the automotive industry, a vital advantage.

Hennecke customers the features characteristic VARIO CAST now consider as an option when buying a STREAMLINE metering or existing STREAMLINE retrofitted machines as a retrofit.


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