Thursday, October 2, 2014

First current source number 1: Green Energy obsolete lignite – Handelsblatt

Wind power delivered at the green energy with 9.5 percent the largest contribution. Source: AP – picture-alliance

Berlin / span> the first time, renewable energies have the lignite obsolete

The Green Energy Wind power supplied 9.5 percent of the largest contribution before biomass (8.1) and solar power (6.8). However, the development is also linked to the mild winter together: Consumption fell, fossil fuel power plants had to produce less

cadmium telluride solar cells are considered to be cheaper and more flexible alternatives to the standard silicon wafers. However, they are accompanied by a poison. Now researchers have discovered a possible alternative.

decreases were again producing electricity in gas fired power plants, which comes only to a share of 10.4 percent . Many gas power plants do not expect more, while coal-fired power plants are more profitable because of the price decline in the EU-wide trading in pollution rights. This helped, that had risen despite over 20 billion euros in green electricity production costs of CO2 emissions in 2012 and 2013. June 6th was in this year, according to the Agora online statistics of the day with the highest solar power: by 13 clock 24.2 gigawatts of solar power was fed into the grid, which corresponds to the output of about 20 nuclear power plants

<. p> On May 11, gave wind and solar energy, hydropower and biomass according to the “Agora Meters” times 44 gigawatts of electricity, which corresponded approximately 75 percent of electricity consumption. Since nuclear and coal power plants could not be throttled quickly enough, there was a high current income and it came to the phenomenon of negative electricity prices. Especially foreign buyers got almost 6 cents a kilowatt hour, when they took power.


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