Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New Technology: Batteries turbocharged – COMPUTER BILD

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Malte Mansholt, 22.10.2014, 17:01 clock

Everyone waited impatiently for ever loading a device. Now the time could dramatically shorten – thanks to a new battery technology

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breakthrough in battery technology: This annoying shutter should go much faster soon

J eder it knows: You must leave the house, but have forgotten to charge your cell phone. Without device or with an almost empty battery go off, but is also not an option. So you stand next to the charger to take at least a few more precious percent. Soon you could in that time almost fully charge your device, because a new technique promises to make this possible.

Faster and more stable

A research team at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore has succeeded in three years of work, speed up the loading process of lithium-ion batteries dramatically, reports Science Daily. Within two minutes, the new batteries can get to 70 percent of their possible charge – which is almost 20 times faster than conventional batteries. Normally such a fast loading harm to life of the battery, not so with the new technology of researchers. The batteries should come on up to 10,000 load cycles on the contrary, previous work usually about 500

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made possible the rapid development of a charge of the team : They replaced the previously used anode made of graphene by a gel of titanium dioxide. The widely used material found frequent use as a food additive, in toothpaste or in sunscreen. The researchers discovered a method to transform the material from its spherical nano-level structure into a tubular shape. Only in this way it develops the qualities that are needed for fast charge.

breakthrough for electric cars?
In order to bring the technology

on the market, the researchers currently license their discovery. You expect a launch of the first based on them batteries in about two years. Then, however, the technology has the potential to transform entire industries: One of the biggest drawbacks of electric cars is the long loading time. Similar times so as fueling with conventional combustion materials – with the now-developed battery are loud team leader Chen Xiaodong charges in under five minutes conceivable. That could actually mean the breakthrough of electric cars.

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