Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fight against Ebola: pharmaceutical industry promoted research on vaccine – Reuters

10.22.2014, 17:19 clock Dr. Max Motte

WHO = World Pharma organization?

Are we of the corporate media and the topic” lied Ebola? “

governments confiscate colloidal Silver, which has been successfully used in the treatment of Ebola patients.

Experiments in West Africa to have natural means of Ebola treatment to come, by the World Health Organization (WHO) suppressed!

Several shipments of silver colloid were blocked!

In addition, it is reported that WHO representatives have conducted a study on an Ebola isolation ward canceled. Local health authorities there wanted administer colloidal silver; which has been found, according to the U.S. government to be very effective against Ebola!

The WHO ordered the demolition of the study to

Authorities block 3x a consignment of silver colloid.

As the intern. NGO “Natural Solutions Foundation” (NSF) has announced that it is trying to send silver colloid to Sierra Leone so far failed.

The organization wanted 200 Pack. Send colloidal silver.
The program has now been sent back to 3x in the United States.

Previously confidential documents were handed over to the Ministry of Defence show that colloidal silver, which tries the NSF to send now to Africa, has proven in the fight against Ebola effective!

This is confirmed by investigations in 2008 carried out by the Ministry and other federal agencies, the results of which are largely concealed by media, public health authorities, government and the WHO. ‘ / p>

Why we experience in the corporate media anything about “Colloidal Silver”?

As you should even ask the question who actually owns the media?

media groups , pharmaceutical companies, energy companies, … are all together and no one knows es?


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