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Teleportation: Is beam possible? – Handelsblatt

“Beam me up, Scotty!” This command is fans that appeared in the 70s US-cult series Star Trek – in Germany known as the “Star Trek” – very familiar. Accompanied by a piercing metallic sound, the passengers broke on board the spaceship first into nothing, then a short time in other places emerge later.

Since then beaming is an integral part of science fiction literature – and a beautiful utopia. But it is the realization of the dream is now closer to

Here: Even if we would still love to wegbeamen us out of the jam or the ultra boring party, it is not. We can now carry photos, music and movies over long distances, and TV stations can have their outer reporter appear by projection in the studio relatively convincing. But matter to “teleport” is still technically impossible and it will probably remain so for years yet

There are many reasons.: Pictures and music can be divided into many small components, in digital packets. With matter that is not possible. Why this is so, has answered clearly for-profit initiative “Science in Dialogue” Peter Aufmuth from the Max-Planck-Institute for Gravitational Physics: For one takes an object for a successful teleportation with all their current states – the experts speak of position and momentum be analyzed -. Only then it could be built elsewhere exactly again. For the highly complex structure of the human Aufmuth called around ten high 26 atoms, for this has to happen – that’s 100 quadrillion in number. Even if the rapid development of information technology is considered, it is impossible for years to collect all of this information together, evaluate, store and even transport away to.

On the other hand, it is according to current knowledge, anyway not feasible to determine the position and momentum of each of these atoms. This follows from the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. The law of quantum mechanics states – simply put – that the information about the object are not accurate enough for a successful teleportation

The authors of Star Trek were at least honest enough to provide for this shortcoming.. They therefore invented a “Heisenberg compensator”. As the worked exactly, of course, was not explained.

but the trickiest is the disassembly of an object. Apart from the fact that it is hard to imagine in the case of a person who is expert Aufmuth convinced that this would require more energy than the entire human race currently produce. Even the lossless transport of all these particles is not even approach clarified problem. Finally, you need a device that re-assembles the original object from the particles. Ideas on how this might work, there is also no <"MsoNormal" p class => Conclusion

:. Therefore Beaming is also more than 40 years after its cinematic invention is nothing more than a utopia where scientists are currently no serious Thoughts waste.

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