Friday, October 17, 2014

San Francisco: Earthquake: Researchers say “Big One” expected – Reuters

Dusseldorf The people in California living on a powder keg. A massive earthquake was in the area of ​​US-metropolis San Francisco only a matter of time.

researchers, have found that should have been building up in the so-called San Andreas fault voltage. Since the great earthquake in 1906, this rejection did not move to the north of San Francisco. After such rest period is soon to be expected with a severe concussion, seismologists predict different.

The dreaded “Big One” as the Californians say could put large parts of the U.S. West Coast state again in ruins, cost thousands of lives.

in 1906, the northern San Andreas fault had discharged his pent-up tension in a devastating earthquake. He is surrounded by two mutually contradictory moving land masses, which meet in the West California – the North American and Pacific plate. In the worst earthquake in the history of the United States 3000 people were killed.

Currently most affected are the areas between San Francisco and San Diego.

cause for concern seismologists also the Hayward fault in northern California, runs through densely populated suburbs of the city. In addition, a network of small ditches, some of which are not yet explored. However, as of the dates are vague.


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