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Lünendonkstudie 2014: Technology Consulting and Engineering Services … – (press release)

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In the second quarter of 2014, as reported by the Association of German Engineers (VDI), were approximately 60,000 jobs in engineering professions have been unoccupied. The search for qualified personnel in this field is increasingly difficult for companies. Provider of technology consulting and engineering services are indispensable. As partners they support industrial companies and offer solutions for highly qualified personnel. The current trend study by market researcher Lünendonk shows how strong engineering services now belong to the value chain of industrial companies

Key Industries Automotive and Aerospace -. IT topics in the coming

According to estimates by Lünendonk the market volume is the technology consulting and engineering services in Germany around 8.9 billion euros. Almost 80 percent of the turnover of external service providers flexibility are achieved while in the automotive and aerospace, according to the study. Here highly qualified personnel is particularly often sought.

at Randstad Professionals, a specialist in strategic human resource management and technical solutions that include these sectors to the competence industries. “The focus of our consulting and services are in the fields of engineering, IT and management. Especially in engineering, we focus our advice by clusters of,” says Holger Küster, Managing Director at Randstad Professionals. “Our Consultants know both client companies and industries as well as the labor market closely. Employees and applicants will be advised locally by specialized consultants at eye level and have the opportunity globally to work at top companies. Nevertheless, whether in the automotive industry, aviation and energy technology – interdisciplinary teams are more important than ever to closely coordinate complex tasks together and professionally implement “

According to the recent trend study see the providers surveyed in the next few years in IT and software topics particularly strong sales potential.. “In this development, we are perfectly prepared by our IT division general we ask but found that the areas of responsibility of our employees together are becoming a more important it is -.. Especially when it comes to the IT field – in project teams with different areas of expertise know- how to combine and exploit synergies. only way to offers on the market sustainable solutions “, says Holger sexton.

customers requests in terms of staff always comprehensive

Companies work with external specialists more often also comprehensive staffing solutions – from the supply of temporary workers on recruitment through to Freelancing / Contracting or need-based training. This development also feel the provider: 87 percent say that the award of complete work packages is more demand. Customer inquiries in terms of staff are more extensive and complex. “We are not committed to a form of order processing. Our portfolio is easily adaptable and provides maximum flexibility. We edit most diverse order volumes with customized design,” explains Holger sexton. “We are one of the few specialized providers with involvement in an international network. Offered in terms of career opportunities and network benefits for applicants and benefits to customers in terms of diversity of candidate qualifications.”

client companies recruit employees of the service provider

But not only in the implementation of individual projects, the company put on the partnership of the external service provider, but also in the recruitment of its own employees. The figures show the trend of the study: Change With 65.6 percent over two-thirds of the employees as the years directly into a customer’s enterprise. And often at a level that they had not reached so quickly over the traditional internal career. “In the war for talent, we offer excellent opportunities for the future.’s Career in project work often serves as a springboard or career Turbo. Doing so, we view the acquisition of an employee of the client company, of course, always a double-edged sword. On the one hand we say goodbye to a qualified head, but primarily it is a confirmation of the quality of our work. “

The presented results are from the Luenendonk study 2014″ Leading provider of technology consulting and engineering services in Germany “, in the 32 providers were surveyed and analyzed.

About Randstad Professionals

As a specialist in strategic human resource management and technical solutions, Randstad Professionals offers its customers special consulting and services in the fields of engineering, IT and management. The solution competence is based on the intensive work with only academically trained and technically qualified personnel. Randstad Professionals combines dynamics and proximity of specialists with a comprehensive portfolio and the size of a world leading recruitment service. With over 35 years experience and a nationwide network of locations to more than 2,500 employees are local advisor for global projects. A permanent quality assurance is necessary to ensure optimal results and is guaranteed at Randstad Professionals by a certified quality and environmental management system according to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001, and ISO 14001. Management is in the Holger Sexton (Chairman) and Lutz Heinig. The company is part of Randstad Holding nv, with total sales of around 1.88 billion euros (2013) and offices in over 40 countries

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