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Rochester Invisible Cloak

New York: New stealth technology makes you invisible

We had a few days ago reported on the U.S. military, which is working on a secret camouflage called Hyper Stealth, which will make you invisible. The technology is, according to the responsible company is already available and we had speculated about what this secret technology could based. With the University of Rochester in New York and Optical Cloaking project we get another puzzle piece to the puzzle solution and these are similar to the digital metamaterials University of Pennsylvania to the simple redirecting light atoms. More about the Invisible Cloak Project of the University of Rochester in New York you read as usual with us in the trends of the future blog.

New stealth technology makes you invisible

We know the capes make yourself invisible from movies like Harry Potter, where the young hero a coat tossing around to make themselves literally from the dust. The University of Pennsylvania is already experimenting with digital metamaterials, simply project the light atoms on the other side of an object. From New York now comes the next technology that has a similar approach. Instead of metamaterials technology from the University of Rochester uses a set of lenses, which redirects light to each other in the exact interaction and so the image can appear behind an object before that. Same principle, but two completely different tools that are used for the effect of invisibility.

how the technology works from New York

Under the direction of John Howell, a professor of Physics at the University of Rochester and the College Joseph Choi the Invisible Cloak technology was developed to lens base. Researchers have used two different types of glass lenses and this placed either at a certain distance, so that the light is simply redirected to an object. And it works. What is missing researchers is to integrate these results in, for example, a real cape, which is quite a different house number and where the U.S. military probably a few steps with the Hyper Stealth even further. But advantage is that the new technology is extremely low compared to others and in principle could even be built at home after. The researchers have used for the experiment materials worth only 1,000 U.S. dollars. Of course, much remains to be done before the technology really works well and from all angles served its purpose, but for now we can draw a conclusion: There was a further step in an unseen future and we know once more where we are looking for people to that will bring us this stealth technology home one day – namely in New York at the Rochester University

video for Invisible Cloak Technology from New York

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