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Best in Cloud 2014 – MHP MHP software Thus ended thanks to SaaS technology … – Computer Week

Tracking can be chaotic and even more when the various logistics partners with different tracking systems for usability nightmare. With the SaaS solution “Shiptrack” woos the MHP Software GmbH with its reference customers francs planning and organizational means GmbH all tracking plagued entrepreneurs – and is also applying for the Best in Cloud Award 2014 in the category “Software-as- a-service “.

The use of scenario

To make it short: With Shiptrack the MHP Software GmbH addressed a problem with the next to the reference customer francs planning – and organizational resources, many other companies are struggling with regular inputs and outputs of packets, courier shipments or deliveries freight forwarding: Almost every logistics service provider uses their own proprietary system for providing shipping information. This ensures that the employees of the respective company must utilize several different systems for the tracking of shipments.

live demo of Shiptrack

Shiptrack this information can bring together in a single interface, by the proprietary track-and-trace data previously in a standardized unit format are transferred. So

The Cloud Solution

The cloud solution is from Shiptrack a multi-carrier-tracking solution, indicating a query of the shipment data of various transport service providers within a single web interface. Behind SaaS project “Shiptrack”, which is already the reference customer in use, based on Microsoft’s NET 4.0 and IIS, as well as on Node.JS for the javscript-part (where the user interface is being given). Including a database works on the basis of MongoDB. All services that are used in the context of Shiptrack are hosted on the infrastructure of Amazon Web Services.

The main challenges in the implementation of the project the customer was Shiptrack of technological change on the cloud technology, and especially the implementation of a – given the huge amounts of data – adequate system speed. It applies, for example, per customer per day to process about 15,000 state information that is generated at a customer with about 3,000 shipments per day and an average of 5 per shipment status messages.

In order to ensure the smooth operation of Shiptrack, had all used third-party components and in-house developments to be horizontally scalable – also against the background that the customer’s business to grow in the future. Scalability is achieved by using multiple parallel operated instances.

The customer deployment itself runs on the other hand largely unspectacular, changes in the solution are only made in the rule to add, for example, a corporate branding.

Also handy: Shiptrack learn. As soon as a new transportation service has been added for any customer, the added interfaces for all Shiptrack users are available. An adaptation to a service provider must exactly once be made globally.

The Business Benefits

business advantage from the user benefit from the use of multi-carrier tracking solution Shiptrack, is primarily an increase in productivity and effectiveness. The reason: the maintenance and tracking of shipments on different platforms, the logistics service falls away and is replaced by a clear and unified platform within the cloud solution.

according to the supplier “Google-like” free-text search function within the system also facilitates the retrieval of programs, changes in the status of a shipment will be proactively communicated by Shiptrack via email notification. In addition, significantly more representative readability of the data is achieved by normalizing all incoming data – this is the delivery quality evaluate and, if appropriate, select a new service provider.

By Shiptrack the MHP project tries to convince the jury of Best in Cloud 2014 Software GmbH. Whether that is enough to get one of the coveted awards, you can experience live on site – when you sign up for the event!

so take on Best in Cloud 2014 part and find out thanks to a comprehensive conference program and the projects of the finalists idea about the possibilities of cloud deployment in the enterprise.

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