Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Stressed companion: Blind complain bad dog training – Handelsblatt

Would not slowed the cars, Saskia Knönagel had been approached. Your guide dog Phoebe had discovered a conspecific on the street and his blind owner pulled onto the road – regardless of the approaching car. Three times her bitch have it brought in such dangerous situations, tells Knönagel. This guide dogs are supposed to avoid just that and ensure that their blind holder safely get from A to B.

Knönagel is the guide dog school that had trained Phoebe the blame. The bitch, she says today, is not suitable for working as a guide dog – and that would have been obvious the trainer during training at the latest. Also suspected Knönagel that in school violence was applied. “Positive affirmations by petting or treats Phoebe knew not.”

According to the German Blind Union (DBSV) is Knönagels bitch Phoebe by far not an isolated case. According to information from the club achieve regular complaints about poorly trained guide dogs. Still some of the 60 trainers worked in Germany with physical punishments such as beatings or violent leash jerking, criticized DBSV contact Sabine hackers. So will the work for the animals to pure stress. But stressed dogs are no reliable companion for the blind.

foot massage at the dentist – due care standards and Airfare patients go to travel.

DBSV therefore committed to a better and more animal-friendly training guide dogs. A good guide dog training – without the use of violence – need time, says hackers. Up to 10 000 times a task had to be repeated before the dog got it completely internalized. This also explains why guide dogs are so expensive. A well-trained animal will cost 25,000 to 30,000 euros. Unfortunately, there are also “dumping deals” for 18,000 euros, writes hackers. At such prices, the training could not possibly be serious, the speaker is convinced.

DBSV provides all the health insurance companies in the duty. They usually assume the cost of guide dogs and should – the claim of the DBSV – ensure that only well trained dogs are financed. The leading association of statutory health insurance (SHI) must also set binding standards for guide dog trainer. Although there are already regulations. But which are completely outdated and remained very general, criticized Sabine hackers. The Statutory Health Insurance Funds Association announced then that the requirements catalog is to be revised in the future. When exactly was not in sight.

medical practices and hospitals often can not provide optimal care. But why?

The Professional Association of German guide dog schools feels ignored. DBSV should have contact with the complaints of dog owners first of them, says the vice-chairman Maik Schubert. His organization had examined the allegations and initiated legal action, if was actually violate animal welfare. The pressure on the health insurance keeps Schubert counterproductive. If in the future choose the cash the guide dog schools, they will take the cheapest deals, he fears. The quality of schools, the trade association would then have no more chances

At least in one point Schubert is but then agreed with the Association of the Blind. Complain both that the profession of guide dog trainer is not protected in Germany. In principle, any one school open, regardless of whether he is qualified for the training or not.


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