Thursday, October 9, 2014

Microsoft – Kinect – Microsoft reveals new technology for tracking of hands … –

“Handpose” Kinect2 the sensor should be able to follow complex hand and finger movements.

 Microsoft seems to work hard because Xbox players but yet to meet her dream for the Kinect motion control – namely, an interface exactly like in Minority Report! At least the manufacturer has released a video of its research department, in which a new technology called “Handpose” is presented, which is intended for the monitoring of complex hand and finger movement itself. The clip we show below this message.

According to Microsoft, was used for the demonstration of Kinect2 sensor of Xbox One. The decisive advantage of the new technology is its suitability, even if the user moves in the room, change the lighting or the camera orientation.

In the video there is also a brief outlook on the opportunities »Handpose” might hold for the control of games ready. In one scene, a virtual hand is shown in a 3D environment, with the record itself and can move objects. This technology could be useful, especially for virtual reality applications. Just recently, Microsoft had confirmed to work on a VR headset for the Xbox One.

Still there is a lack of information on which Microsoft plans closely followed with “Handpose” or when the technology could be an integral part of Kinect. Towards the end of the video, the producers at least have pointed out that “Handpose” is already successfully tested with a variety of different users.


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