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“Technology is already available”: Robot cars are not pie – NEWS


 Saturday, October 04, 2014


 Who does not want more torment with hour-long traffic jams, can look forward to the next year. 2020 is an autonomous car hit the market, in which the driver is still only decoration.



Safe, environmentally friendly, more convenient: on self-driving cars great hopes. And the question is no longer whether such autonomous cars will be on the market, but when. Some obstacles but still need to be overcome before the driver itself is superfluous and the passenger: It’s about technology, legal issues – and the psychology

“The autonomous car is important for safety reasons, because most. road accidents are caused by human error, “says Volvo Chief Executive Hakan Samuelsson at the Paris Motor Show, in which self-propelled cars are among the attractions. The Swedish carmaker wants to send 2,017 hundred autonomous cars in Gothenburg for test rides on the road. Around the year 2020, a model then come on the market.

The auto expert Josselin Chabert by the consulting firm PwC expects that self-propelled cars by 2020 a reality. Until they really are widely used, but are likely to take at least ten more years. Less congestion, less fuel consumption, 90 percent fewer accidents says Chabert ahead.

technology makes it possible today

“The technology is already there,” says Thierry Le Hay, Innovation Director at French carmaker PSA Peugeot Citroën. In fact, even today’s cars are packed with technology that decreases a lot of work to the driver. The Mercedes S-Class, for example, already has a system that almost automatically controls the car in a traffic jam. An adaptive cruise control provides on highways that the desired distance is maintained to the car in car

The French company Valeo has developed a system that completely can einparken independently with the car -., The owner of the car can meanwhile go to the restaurant and is informed of his smartphone, where the car is.

One of the most famous projects of self-driving cars comes from the U.S. Internet giant Google. Sensors and software for the Google Car can recognize hundreds of different objects at the same time – this is particularly important in the city, for the developer represents a much greater challenge than about roads. For pedestrians, suddenly running down on the street children, the traffic regulating police or cyclists, announcing with a hand signal that they want to turn, belong to the traffic in the city to do so.

psychology has to play

A particular challenge is the identification of humans and animals. So far, the sensors would represent organic material only from a mass of 30 kg, says Maurice Ricci, head of the French engineering Akka that works for Daimler and now presents the third generation of its autonomous cars. “We still need to make progress.”

More about

Another obstacle is legal requirements. So writes the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic of 1968 provides that each vehicle “in motion (…) have a leader” must. The U.S. states of California and Nevada have adapted their legislation already autonomous cars, France will be the high-tech vehicles from 2015 for tests on normal roads. Must also be clarified technical questions, such as the liability in case of accidents.

And finally, the question arises whether the people will not queasy when he sits on once in a car that drives all by itself. Le Hay of PSA Peugeot Citroën makes is not worried: studies would show that customers “can very well imagine and see it as a natural development”

Especially since the benefits are obvious. “Nobody is excited by the prospect, morning and evening for half an hour in traffic, “says Le Hay. “The people would appreciate being able to do something else at the time.”




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