Monday, October 13, 2014

Industry: robotic vehicles with “Bosch Inside” – Reuters

Stuttgart robot cars are packed with sensors, chips and controllers. Bosch builds all three components themselves. Parallel to test the Swabians a robot car in California.

Conti delivered for example, the camera technology for the test vehicle from Daimler, the autonomous drove the route from Mannheim to Pforzheim already at the IAA 2013. The electric power steering system of the Tesla is by ZF Steering Systems.

There are still far from the suppliers that the auto companies “Bosch Inside” have to write on their cars as the chip maker Intel has led the way with computers. But the specialists give yourself aware. Electric car manufacturers and Internet giants do not see them as a threat. “Tesla and Google I consider to Bosch customers,” said Bosch CEO Volkmar Denner recently in a Reuters interview.

About the supplier share silence reigns. But both in robot car of Google as well as the now featured Tesla was the world’s largest automotive supplier with the party. All further developments of driver assistance systems are considered as intermediate steps on the way to automated driving.

The Internet of Things

  • Everyday objects in the network

    The Internet is known as an infrastructure to share ideas on human data – whether by PC, laptop or smartphone. So it comes down to computers that communicate with each other. But these days can be more and more objects network: Heating, and door, T-shirt and glasses, car and Heating

  • One thing that many. terms

    The term “Internet of Things” impressed scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston at the end of the 90s. But it coursing many terms. “Industrial Internet” stresses the economic importance, “Machine to Machine” (abbreviated M2M) describes more technically, that devices exchange autonomous data

  • . ‘ h5> use in business

    So far, the Internet of things mainly a matter of economy: logistics companies pursue, for example, the way of supplies. Technology manufacturers bring increasingly, consumer products on the market, such as heating controls.

  • mini-computer and radio antenna

    Networked objects require a mini-computer and a radio antenna, also sensors – in the case of a heating control as to measure the temperature. These components have become in recent years, so that always new areas of application in question.

  • sextillion addresses

    For networked objects can be controlled via the Internet, one must clearly they can respond. A new standard called IPv6 is to ensure that even in the age of networked cars and heaters enough IP addresses are available – there are 340 sextillion, so a 340 with 36 zeros

  • market with huge potential

    It is difficult to grasp the networking trend in numbers, the market is still too young. Market researcher Gartner dares to predict that by 2020 some 26 billion devices on the Internet of Things – PCs, tablets and smartphones are not included therein. Sales of products and services will grow to more than 300 billion dollars. More optimistic the network equipment Cisco, the crosslinked by then 50 billion devices is expected.

  • Discussion of Privacy

    The triumph of networked devices expected to draw some discussions on Privacy by itself. An example: Can an insurance transaction data of a car owner evaluate to adjust prices to the driving behavior? Or should the police after an accident check whether the driver was too fast?

In the new S-Class has built its own congestion assistant Daimler, but relies on sensors from Bosch and Continental. Beginning of 2015 is a car manufacturer for the first time completely install a congestion assistant of Bosch, who holds the vehicle up to speeds of around 60 km HPress the necessary distance to the car ahead in the lane. At the same time, Bosch will allow the fully automated parking, in which the driver stands next to the vehicle and it controls the smartphone.

It gets really exciting from 2018, when will be possible with a highway pilots highly automated speeding, in which the driver while driving with other things as steering and can employ brakes.

The race for the automated driving is determined by electronics and especially of the best software. Therefore all auto parts suppliers build their skills here, clearly. However, it will take until well into the next decade, to autopilot in inner cities are possible. Many legal and technical issues remain to be clarified.


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