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Ebola: how well Germany is prepared? – Business Week

The spread of Ebola beyond Africa across internationally can increase the fear of the disease. How well Germany is prepared?


Since then infected in Madrid and in the United States Interior Department employees with Ebola, get the safety precautions in German hospitals targeted. Government authorities and virologists give largely clear. Germany is currently being prepared for the recording of up to 50 Ebola patients. Currently, according to the Federal Government but no new case specifically foreseeable. “At the moment there are 50 beds available, which can be used directly,” said a spokeswoman for the Federal Health Ministry on Monday in Berlin.

Germany is also prepared more patients to leave the country. So far, three non-German helpers were flown on international request, for the treatment to Hamburg, Frankfurt / Main and Leipzig. “We have enjoyed doing because it is self-evident that we show our solidarity,” said a spokesman for the Foreign Office. “If it is to pass on such requests, we are of course willing to turn to such requests within the possibilities.”

Chronology of current Ebola epidemic

  • December 2013

    experts assume in retrospect that there is the first case of the epidemic in the Guéckédou region in Guinea.

  • 23-25th March 2014

    In Guinea, according to a radio report about 60 people have died from Ebola, there are nearly 100 infected. Two days later Ebola is also detected in Liberia, at least five people have died.

  • 26th Soon

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO) die five people in Sierra Leone. A month later, on June 23, warning the first expert that the epidemic is out of control

  • .
    20th July

    In Nigeria, a government adviser Liberia collapses at the airport. . Days later he dies, the test results: he had been infected with Ebola

  • fourth August

    The disease is also spreading in Nigeria, there can, however, be contained.

  • 7-8. August

    the first time an Ebola-infected people is brought to Europe: Spain fly a the priest Miguel Pajares. He died shortly afterwards. . On 8 August, the WHO classifies the epidemic as an international health emergency, a

  • 24th August

    The Democratic Republic of the Congo reported infections with Ebola. . The outbreak is independent of the in West Africa

  • 27-29 . August

    the first time is an Ebola patient from West Africa to Germany. It is treated in the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf. Two days later reached the epidemic with a sick student from Guinea to Senegal. The patient is now considered cured

  • .

  • 30th September

    A UN Special Mission (UNMEER) opened its headquarters in Ghana. In the state of Texas is diagnosed in a man from Liberia Ebola.

  • 6th October

    In Spain, a nurse infected with Ebola. Thus, a person has been infected for the first time in Europe. The nurse had a sick with Ebola Spanish priest cared, who had been brought to Madrid for the treatment of Sierra Leone and there died a few days later.

The patient in Hamburg was healed after several weeks of supply has been discharged from the hospital. In clinics in Leipzig and Frankfurt therapies are ongoing.

“We are prepared”

media reports that another Ebola patient in Berlin to be treated reported, federal government and Berlin authorities back. They could not confirm this, as the ministries of Health and Foreign Affairs. There is no corresponding request, also said a spokeswoman for the Berlin health administration.

The University Hospital Charité, which holds a special isolation for severe infectious disease, was also not aware of such a request. Over the next two days no Ebola patient is registered for receiving said Charité-chief Karl Max Einhäupl. But at some point will probably come such a patient. “We are prepared,” Einhäupl said.

USA, Spain, Macedonia: The number of Ebola cases increases – and thus people’s fear that the disease spread here could. Is the concern justified? No, says the diseases expert January Leidel

The Germany-wide network of treatment centers in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich and Stuttgart, which are specialized in highly contagious disease, also enjoy a good international reputation, the spokeswoman continued. “These cases are practiced regularly.” In Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Munich and Hamburg also give specialized airports could be redirected to the aircraft when there is a suspicion occurs.

RKI does not include Ebola introduction of

An accidental introduction of the pathogen to Germany holds the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for not excluded. “The risk is low, but of course we must reckon,” the Vice-President of the Robert-Koch Institute, Lars Schaade said on ZDF morning show. Experts close a passing from person to person within the clinics but. As a guarantor decades of training and high safety standards. Apply

The spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health, Katja Angeli said on Monday in Germany special treatment centers highly specialized personnel working under tight security. Whether to eradicate error to 100 percent using the safeguards objective. Angeli emphasized the states monitored, that safety would be observed. The staff regularly practice, should be such as tightened and filed the suits in order to avoid infection. Since the work is grueling under the suits, each helper will be replaced after three to four hours.


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