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EFI expands innovative technology in its entire portfolio to … – PresseBox (press release)

         By numerous other technical innovations in its range of industrial inkjet and workflow solutions enhances EFI the productivity, efficiency, profitability and print quality of print service providers. Visitors to the SGIA Expo (which from October 22 to 24 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, takes place) are new and see optimized solutions, the “cool cure” LED inkjet technology in the product lines of EFI for the expansion of the energy-saving the Supergroß- and large format and high resolution of the grayscale technology with variable droplet size, including the new Ultra Drop with a droplet size of 7 picoliters for the production of first class graphics, reflect technology .

At this trade fair in Las Vegas provides EFI hochmodernde solutions to optimize business processes and increase the competitiveness of print service providers from – ranging from technical improvements and versatile new inks on automatic material handling systems to high-end solutions to increase workflow efficiency. Among the exhibited there innovative products include:

  • The award-winning flagship of EFI VUTEk ® portfolios, the highly productive inkjet printing system EFI VUTEk UV-HS100 Pro with a print width of 3.2 m, an automatic material supply and fully automatic unloading system as well as a new material edge guiding system for printing on corrugated board and other difficult substrates with nominal speed.
  • The new UV inkjet printer EFI VUTEk H2000 Pro with a print width of 2 m, an expandable pressure platform for dieDruckproduktion inmittleren conditions which will be presented at the SGIA Expo worldwide for the first time.
  • The role Printer EFI VUTEk GS5500lxr per LED with a print width of 5 m, the Ultra Drop technology and environmentally friendly, efficient “cool cure” LED technology.
  • The Super Flex-ink from EFI and 3M for the VUTEk printer GS3250lxrund GS5500lxr Pro, a versatile ink with superior LED inkjet printing performance for Fahrzeugfolierung, soft signage and outdoor applications that require a higher resistance and flexibility.
  • The EFI VUTEk GS3250LX Pro Ultra-drop technology, a printing width of 3.2 m, the first-class grayscale technology and environmentally friendly “Cool Cure” LED technology in a versatile role / flatbed hybrid printing system.
  • The EFI H1625 LED printer, a hybrid system in the entry-level segment with a print width of 1.65 m, which has enjoyed with eight grayscale and superb white printing function very fast great popularity as a production system because of its high quality, printhead technology.

“With its superb print quality thanks to the Ultra-drop technology and their droplet size of 7 picoliters, the proven versatility and energy savings thanks to the environmentally friendly LED inkjet technology and industry-leading white printing capabilities of EFI, the range of innovative EFI’s VUTEk printer and EFI printing systems for large format enormous opportunities for professional print service providers and sign makers who want to increase their productivity and profitability, “Scott Schinlever said, senior vice president and general manager of EFI Inkjet Solutions.

large format printers for the new entry-level platform first-class graphics

The EFI VUTEk H2000 Pro printer, which is issued for the first time at SGIA Expo, provides sign makers and graphic arts businesses a cheaper entry-level platform for the large-format production printing and gives them the same time the possibility of to add more features to open up new business opportunities, such as u. a. White print, transparent varnish and processing of Rollenmaterial.Dieser printer brings the Ultra Drop grayscale technology in the inkjet production of graphics in medium run, is characterized by a high optical resolution and excellent Text quality combined with excellent smoothness in shadows, gradients and transitions.

The VUTEk H2000 supports rigid, curved and flexible material with a thickness of up to 2 inches and provides standard functions for multiple queues for continuous printing. The improved vacuum transport belt-hybrid technology, the supply of substrates is optimized.

basis for future productivity growth in inkjet web press

The at SGIA Expo for the first time in North America issued VUTEk GS5500lxr Pro with Ultra Drop technology and a printing width of 5 m is a roll printer, which is characterized by very high throughput and high printing precision. Since the LED inks of the printer dry at a lower temperature, users can print on a variety of substrates, such as u. A. Textile and mesh material, and thinner, less expensive films, the usual not the high resistance to the other drying and curing have high heat.

Customers of EFI as Bill Duerr, president of the New Jersey-based printing Hatteras, benefit from the opportunities offered by the innovations of EFI in LED inkjet web press. Since the installation of the VUTEk GS5500lxr Pro can Dürr companies use its production advantages in terms of quality and energy efficiency to develop new growth opportunities in the field of POS signage for retail.

“Our aim, with the market requirements to keep pace and to expand our service offering, was the reason for the purchase of our new EFI VUTEk printer, “Duerr said. “With its LED and high-precision ultra-drop technology gives us this printer the ability to increase our production capacity significantly. We are thrilled with our purchase and feel that us this printer pave the way for further growth in the retail market and the opportunity is to offer our customers first-class products and innovative applications that are consistent with their sustainability initiatives. “

The concentrated power of the Fiery RIPs and the Web-to-Print / MIS solutions EFI proServer for streamlined workflows

The latest workflow products from EFI, EFI Fiery ® XFVersion 6 and the EFI Fiery Version 6 for digital inkjet printing of graphics, control all of EFI at SGIA Expo exhibited printing technologies. The new on the Fiery proServer presented FAST RIP (Fiery Accelerated System Technology) function handles complex vector data by up to 7 times faster than its previous version.

Fiery proServer Version 6, developed for EFI VUTEk printer was, but is also compatible with more than 500 large and extra large format printers from many leading manufacturers, FOGRA supports PSD certification and provides new distribution functions, whereby the user friendliness is increased. A dynamic smoothing function on the new Fiery proServer provides excellent soft gradients.

In addition, the Fiery proServer 6 can also better integrate in web-to-print and MIS / ERP workflow. On the SGIA Expo EFI presents the integrated workflow integration between VUTEk printers, the Fiery proServer and industry-leading workflow solutions: the Print MIS software EFI Pace and the Web -to-print and e-commerce software EFI Digital StoreFront ® .

“We make a significant contribution to the business success of our customers, because we are on their needs and requirements exactly optimization of their business processes to hear, “said Schinlever of EFI. “With our comprehensive range of solutions for the production of graphics in small, medium and large editions and our integrated workflow solution, which are exhibited at the SGIA Expo, we show why customers of EFI on the market for advertising art and graphics so successfully are. “

All exhibits of EFI at SGIA Expo 2014 can be seen at booth 2413. The partner companies Nazdar and Veritiv EFI set on its stand 3327 or 2785 printer also EFI aus.Weitere for the large format information about EFI products, visit

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