Thursday, October 23, 2014

China attracts technology companies to – courier

I m Shanghai Min Hang District company of high-tech industry are lined up, almost like in Silicon Valley. Here manufactures AT & S printed circuit boards for mobile phones and automotive industry. Around 4250 employees produce 160 million circuit boards. But now following AT & S to the reputation of the Chinese government and the states: Go West. After the industrial centers on the coast are now to attract businesses central cities such as Chongqing. Now there is a new technology being tested. On the circuit board, a newly developed substrate is applied – thin as one-tenth of a human hair. 2016 production in Chongqing fully operational as

Andreas Mayer barley, chief of AT &. S commented on the COURIER that the entire production chain was shifting to Asia. From raw materials to skilled labor everything was available. And at the cost of Europe is simply no longer competitive. Ten percent of the cost of a printed circuit board accounts in China to work in Europe, there are at least 30 percent. AT & S’s Supervisory Board, CEO Hannes Androsch argues that not shifting jobs from Europe, but would be backed by the manufacturing in Asia. In Leoben and Fehring you produce more, but only niche products, such as for medical technology; “not S Without Asia there would be AT &.”. In addition, new technologies are being developed in Austria

Not far from AT &. S visited the Austrian business delegation which Schwertberger Engel. It produces injection machines for the growing automotive industry in China.

Vorarlberg company manufactures turn Blum Hinges for Kitchen. While she struggles with copies of all kinds, but can prevail due to high quality. Problems with the trademark protection has AT & S does not. “Our secret is the production process that can not be copied,” says Andreas Gerstenmayer.

Helmut Brandstätter’s live blog for China visit of the Austrian delegation from business, politics and research, click here.


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