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No more rolling: The stabilization Help in cars is mandatory – Business Week

After the Moose Test debacle of the Mercedes A-Class Daimler upgraded his model with the electronic stability program ESP after. On November 1, the technology is EU-wide duty. What to expect motorists.

Getting in, buckle up. What is self-evident today, had to be introduced by law in 1976. At that time, the seat belt was still unpunished. The number of deaths rose in the following year to prompt only once. It was not until 1984, a fine was introduced, showed an effect. Since then, the fatal accidents has declined steadily. Now the legislature to help again.


  • What will change on November 1,
    new cars, which will then be approved must demonstrate a specific technique. This includes the electronic stability program (ESP) and the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

  • What are these systems?

    The tire pressure monitor measures expressed, the pressure of the tires and warns, for example, when one wheel loses air. There are sensors on either tires or indirect systems that detect a change in the basis of the revolutions. The electronic stability program (ESP) brakes for fast steering movements, for example, in an evasive maneuver, single wheels. This is to prevent the vehicle breaks.

  • What promises to be of the introduction?

    “ESP is to harness and anti-lock braking system (ABS) of the lifesaver in the car,” said a spokesman DEKRA. Cancels a vehicle from the driver notices the usually too late or not, when he has lost control. One of the manufacturers, Bosch expects, before that since the launch of ESP 1995 Europe avoided approximately 190,000 injuries and more than 6,000 lives have been saved. Prevents the tire pressure monitoring system that damage to the tire is not noticed and he bursts correctly at high speeds on the highway.

  • Do I have now converted my old car?

    No. The new rules only apply to cars that are registered for the first time. Already approved cars, which are re-registered, the systems do not show. Most new cars for years have been the way of the technologies. Volkswagen, for example, has been equipping two years all new cars as standard with ESP off. The tire pressure monitor is since mid-2014 when VW new cars included.

  • Benefit the manufacturers of such systems?

    As soon as most new cars already have such systems. Bosch has already been made, for example, since the series began in 1995. More than 100 million ESP systems.

    Why the EU is the one?

  • Why the EU is the one?

    “These new rules will make cars much safer,” says the spokesperson of the EU Commission. “Roll is the main cause of 40 percent of all fatal accidents.” Both an electronic stability control and tire pressure monitoring would help avoid lurching and save lives.

  • What about in other countries?

    In the US and Canada ESP has already been 2011 prescribed for cars. The same applies to Australia and Israel. In Japan, Korea, Russia and Turkey appropriate arrangements are planned.

have in the EU new car be provided from 1 November with systems that prevent, among other things, that the car comes off the track and check the tire pressure.


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