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“Günther Jauch”: The technology, thanks to which it could give more babies – THE WORLD

A 90-year-old said in Jauch’s broadcast on Sunday evening hope: even in this century, rejoiced Carl Djerassi, sex and reproduction will be completely separated from each other

Would it mean to accuse the participants of the live discussion, in comparison to the inventor of the contraceptive pill, which had been home interviews in the US, but arg joyless to the to be approached topic?

Probably already. Because when it comes to “social freezing” is – so to the freezing of oocytes in order to fulfill your desire to have children later can – then one moves in quite existential contexts in which it may appear to some banal to talk about your mood. Nature and technology, privacy, and economics, feasibility ecstasy and humility before the human limitations collide there. As such, it was amazing how quiet the debate proceeded in Jauch.

Where the very first question that arises, once before is, whether it such a debate ever needed, or whether the public weighing and therefore inevitably the judgments not been an interference with the free choice of the woman.

But even to this question fell out, the two women who were invited to Jauch, to talk about their personal experiences with the “social freezing”.

freedom for the individual, yes, but not for the mass

Elisabeth Niejahr said she had been ashamed for conserving their eggs – and stressed that family planning be no question of the technical but the social possibilities should: “I hope that the labor market policy changes so that you no longer have to choose between family and career.”

Accordingly, they vehemently defended the role of men in this matter and requested them, even to go more often about parental leave and as a positive development abetting.

Basically start bit with the public dimension of but just so-called “social freezing” was the director Sharon Berkal. Where Niejahr came to the paradoxical formula: “Freedom for the individual woman yes, for women in general do not” – because Berkal insisted on the procedure as form and expression of female self-determination. Criticism in their circle of friends, there were still

What many loud Berkal but do not understand. You have given so but a “character for life.” The lawyer Petra Dalhoff you jumped to the side and reported calls from her circle of women around 50 who would like to have resorted to the “social freezing” if it had them since been available.

” Presumably, many children have not been born, because it did not exist, this technology several years ago, “Dalhoff.

” scaremongering for the small spirit “

The objections of science journalists Ranga Yogeshwar lectured Sharon Berkal then but a little too categorically, without becoming involved in the argument.

Where the temporal displacement of a desired pregnancy now appears as an act of freedom, as Yogeshwar asked rhetorically: “Is there some point the urge to use this freedom?” Berkal seemed this “scaremongering for the little minds”

Yogeshwar remained calm. “The technology is changing us,” he was safe. This aspect of the debate was not only, but also on the recently published practice at Facebook – Apple obviously wants to follow suit – to make the staff a cost bid for the “social freezing”

“It is a business with the private Estonians, we have” angry Yogeshwar. He wished: “The economy should be guided by the people.”

In contrast, there was to be in the round and not talk back – alone, whom the procedure more profitable, the company, the families, the women – remained just moot. After all the above groups show also generous in terms of sick pay and the like, when the employees actually get their children into something greater age.

Elisabeth Niejahr turned also decided against their opinion, common misconception. “productive are not only the years between 20 and 45″

Rightly so gave the impression: The Discussion around the “social freezing” is just beginning. And Elisabeth Niejahrs desire for freedom for the individual, but not for the entire womanhood is a food for thought that sounds senseless than it actually is. For he describes the social dimension private action and calls for, to protect this


Ranga Yogeshwar,

Science Journalist:

“The economy should depend on the people.”

Elisabeth Niejahr,


“I hope that the labor market policy changes so that you can not choose between child and career needs. “

Petra Dalhoff,


“Presumably, many children are not born been because it did not exist, this technology a few years ago. “

Sharon Berkal,


“‘Social freezing’ gives me the freedom to be ready for a child.”

Nicolas Zech,


“The term ‘social freezing’ is stigmatized because it supposedly all women’s all about the career.”


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