Wednesday, October 1, 2014

DynaOptics: Technology to enable zoom lenses for smartphones –

DynaOptics working on an optical zoom lens of the smartphone’s camera. The company has apparently found a way to build the optical zoom lens so compact that it fits in the case of a smartphone. Details on the new technology you read on net world.

Flat smartphone despite the optical zoom? DynaOptics wants to construct a new zoom lens for smartphone cameras. (Source: Network World)

Smartphones today achieve an image quality that can compete with low-cost compact cameras. The software algorithms of the apps are getting better and deliver despite limited hardware getting better image results. In a point also cheap compact cameras are the smartphone still one step ahead. There is no slim mobile phone with optical zoom. The digital zoom was likewise improved continuously, but, the image quality when zooming still rapidly. Must do what great efforts manufacturer to achieve a lossless digital zoom shows Nokia, Microsoft now.

Lossless Digital Zoom

The Nokia 1020 (Review) requires a 41 megapixel camera to a lossless three times zoom to achieve. The resolution of the JPG photos on the Nokia 1020 is at the end of five megapixels. Summary: From the resolution of 41 megapixels, the majority for the lossless zoom is needed. For more information on Pure View technology from Nokia you read in this background piece.

Conventional Optical Zoom

DynaOptics working on a way that its your smartphone can easily be carried in your pocket and still have an optical zoom while . With zoom lenses, a Linsenelemnt in the middle between the outer moved. The lenses are arranged symmetrically with each other.

New Optical Zoom

DynaOptics describes the design, an optical zoom without intermediate lens group and assigns them two outer objective lenses asymmetric to each other at. By “Micro-Lens-Movement” wants to realize an optical zoom is much more compact the company. The lenses are not moved on one level but up, down, or right and left. This increases the height of the zoom does not change. Due to the different refractive the same zoom effect to be achieved.

asymmetry rather than symmetry: trying DynaOptics new design breaks new ground. First Prototypern are expected in 2015. (Source: Screenshot / DynaOptics)

The first prototypes in 2015

How well the new technology works remains to be seen. Previously collected DynaOpticcs two million dollars for the development of the optical zoom, use a smartphone and want the first prototype in 2015 to deliver mobile phone manufacturers.

Current alternatives


Until the technology for series production maturity will certainly take some time. In the event that you are now already looking for a smartphone with optical zoom, take a look at the K zoom of Samsung, which we have tested for you.

Another alternative is the smart cameras from Sony that can be used with your smartphone. The Sony DSC-QX10 (Review) we have taken for you under the microscope.


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