Thursday, January 16, 2014

Moved client-company: to expose the backers of Redtube ... - ABC Online

More than 20,000 warnings has sent end of last year on behalf of the Swiss company “The archives AG” to Internet users in Germany the law firm Urmann colleagues + (U + C). Now the firm is exposed to charges of extortion and has to fear legal consequences.

According to one report the “world” withdrawals at their backers have now apparently begun. The paper reported that the company “The archives AG” has moved: into the Swiss White Lingen, a small community in the Zurich Oberland with some 3,000 inhabitants


Switzerland investigation for fraud against directors

In addition, the German citizen Phillip Wiik have 27 December last year can be relieved from his duties as a director of the company. Instead, now had a certain Djengue Nounagnon Sedjro Crespin put off his head. Demands were not possible, because the company was no longer accessible for the time being: The website has gone offline, phone numbers, there is no more


In Switzerland, it should already give first investigations of gang-computer fraud against the former directors, reports the “world” on.

How the redirection trick Redtube-Abmahner

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