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Spectacular discovery in Egypt: grave of an unknown pharaoh discovered - FAZ - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

© dpa Vergrößern cartridge with the characters for the name of the Egyptian king Senebkai

American archaeologists have made a sensational discovery in the Egyptian Abydos. The team led by Josef Wegner dug from the tomb of a previously unknown pharaoh. The researchers believe that it is King Senebkai a ruler of the 2nd Meanwhile, concerns, who lived around 1650 BC. On one wall in the grave a cartridge system was discovered with his name. The colors of the more than 3500 year old wall decorations in the tree-grave walls are overall relatively well preserved.

the tomb was no mummy, as would be expected in case of a king, but only a skeleton. Therefore, the Egyptian Antiquities Authority assumes that robbers broke up the royal grave shortly after the funeral and thereby damaged the prepared corpse.

Except for the richly furnished grave of Tutankhamun has been yet discovered no intact royal grave. In ancient Egypt, always to put the rulers of rich gifts to the grave of gold jewelry to clothes to food. These would them then, so it was believed in the afterlife are available.

After the discovery of the tomb of Senebkai Egyptologists have to consider whether the reign of several kings of the second Meanwhile, may need to be re-dated. The grave is relatively small compared to other pharaohs tombs. This leave conclusions to the probably not particularly good economic situation of the kingdom during his reign to, quoted the Antiquities Authority excavation director.

The grave of the Unknown King is not the first spectacular Fund, have made use of the University of Pennsylvania in this excavation season at Abydos archaeologists. Recently, they found the grave of Pharaoh Sebekhotep I., another ruler of the 2nd Meantime. Also this tomb could be identified by an inscription. The heavy quartzite sarcophagus of Pharaoh was completely empty.

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Spectacular Fund: grave of an unknown Pharaoh at Abydos discovered

Spectacular Fund in Egypt

grave of an unknown pharaoh discovered


American archaeologists have found on the Egyptian Abydos on the grave of the hitherto unknown Pharaoh Senebkai. It is only the second intact chamber grave discovered after Tutankhamen.

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