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Snowden in chat "espionage not all bad" - FAZ - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

© REUTERS Vergrößern Edward Snowden in Live Chat: A reform of the intelligence services is possible


The former intelligence official Edward Snowden can imagine the foreseeable future, no return to the United States. “Unfortunately this is not possible given the current laws for the protection of informants,” it said on Thursday in Snowden statements attributed in the live chat on the website / asksnowden. Under the current legal situation he had “no chance of a fair trial.”

Internet users were able to Twitter questions to Snowden addressed, the answers appeared on the supporter’s website. There complained former intelligence officials that the law for the protection of so-called whistleblowers is very incomplete, in America. Unlike government employees he had an external employee that is also not entitled to immunity had if he had alerted through official channels to the secret spying programs of the National Security Agency.

President Barack Obama Snowden had repeatedly accused America added to the disclosure of internal documents to journalists unnecessary harm. For guidance on government misconduct there had been “other ways”, he argued. Snowden disagreed: “My case shows clearly the need for a comprehensive reform of whistleblower protection.” The current laws are “full of holes”, the protection offered “weak” and the procedure for reporting misconduct “ineffective”


America’s Attorney General Eric Holder had previously confirmed by the news channel MSNBC, that the United States was not prepared to amnesty for Snowden. A pardon “would be going too far,” said Holder. However, the government could imagine a “conversation” with the international arrest warrant sought by former intelligence officials, if this acknowledges his responsibility for leaking state secrets.

Snowden had worked as an employee of the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton for the NSA and had access to confidential information about the spying programs. End of May 2013 he sat down with the secret documents from his former place of employment Hawaii in the Chinese special administrative region of Hong Kong from. There he began to pass the documents relating to the systematic monitoring of the Internet and the spying of phone calls to the media.

The revelations sensation world-wide outrage over the extent of U.S. spying programs. The American Justice issued an international arrest warrant against Snowden for espionage. The former intelligence officials fled to Russia, which granted him asylum in early August for a year.

the Internet chat Snowden said on Thursday that espionage was not all bad. The problem was but “the new technique of arbitrary mass surveillance” in which governments “every day billions and billions and billions of innocent communications data” skimming. “We must work together to agree on a sensible international norm for the limitation of espionage,” he wrote.

Obama last week announced a reform of the intelligence services to stop, among other things, the collection of telephone connection data of American citizens in its current form. The data should be skimmed off while still, but no longer stored by the NSA itself. Obama also said to strengthen the protection of privacy of foreign citizens and forbade the monitoring closely allied leaders. Basically, however, he held fast to the Spähprogrammen.

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Snowden in the chat: “Espionage is not fundamentally bad”

Snowden chatting

“espionage not fundamentally bad”


The former intelligence officials Snowden will not go in the foreseeable future to America. The protection of “whistleblowers” was too sketchy. He had no right to impunity. And also for a fair trial there would be no chance.

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