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Cracked access Why do we need 16 million online accounts? - FAZ - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

© AP Vergrößern At a hacker conference in Las Vegas

particularly useful not sound the first time. Since the crack criminals access to online services, so that they can assume the identity of the normal users. And then they make less than 16 million times. Who wants to order thousands of books? Who wants to read millions of email addresses at a time

The answer has two parts. First, it is for criminals not all that complicated to get to millions of user accounts. Second, you can earn millions of online accounts and millions of dollars to order without books.

hacking is not so hard

complexity is in the password-stealing thing above all: to develop the technology for it. Investigate security breaches through which you can steal passwords. Think out tricks to exploit these vulnerabilities. Who has done it once, can do automatically with lots of accounts -. A million times the repetition eventually takes over the computer

In the current case the online accounts hacked computers that have long ceased to listen only to the commands of their owners, but also to the commands of criminals come from. The hacker group such computers in so-called “botnets”, which sometimes include millions of computers. Such computers have probably betrayed the data of their owners.

What to do with 16 million online accounts? Resell

If criminals these data have before, they can do much with it. You can scour the online accounts to credit card data and account information. You can order on account of their sacrifice. Sometimes they can also evacuate a bank account. The hacker need not necessarily make themselves.

For years, namely a thriving black market for credit card numbers and online banking data. The sold a criminal on the other, so the can begin more – sometimes only for one dollar per credit card. Even the E-mail addresses are solely for sale, which you can right to send spam. For e-mail addresses to the criminals get but not a lot, 1000 pieces often go away under a dollar.

The most expensive is the complicated: the idea for a new attack. The can cost $ 50,000 or more. After all, who has a new idea, which gets quite easily back many millions of user accounts.

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Why do hackers 16 million online accounts?

Cracked access

Why do we need 16 million online accounts?

From Patrick Bernau

The number is huge: 16 million online accounts have cracked criminals. What do they want with so many accounts? 16 million order books?

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