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18 January 2014 10:00

porn portal Redtube: Abmahnanwälte under pressure

As they came to the IP addresses of users Redtube? A now surfaced, questionable advice entails new trouble for the backers of the warning wave. But for some Cologne judge the paper is a disgrace.

On page three there is room for a little self-assessment: “Dr. Frank Schorr has a PhD physicist and patent attorney with 18 years of professional experience,” and as such “familiar with the technologies of information processing and transmission of information via the Internet to an extent which more than that is necessary for the present study degree far beyond, “it says.

phat, which apparently works well in the Munich law firm Diehl and partners. The question is why 18 years of experience earned his doctorate in physics, have not deterred Dr. Frank Schorr, who is managing partner of Diehl and partners to make a few points in a pretty important advice in mind.

tragic for thousands of German

He has done well so that his client no favors, but especially not himself. For Schorr while is now at the center of a legal play, which began as a drama just before Christmas 2013, but now is rather to tragicomedy. Can laugh the innocent bystander, but tragically it is for thousands of German, who got just before Christmas Post from Regensburg lawyer Thomas Urmann, with a caution, 250 euros are due, because you’ve seen on the porn video page Redtube a copyrighted movie.

Urmann took over the writing the final step in a complex process to which lawyers and firms are involved. The Company The archives shall possess the rights to the offending films. The Archive is a dubious company, was to be found not much more than a post box of a search in December at the company’s headquarters in Switzerland by the. A study commissioned by The Archive person, Andreas Roschu from Bavaria, is then with the software gladii the IP addresses have saved by people who have watching movies at Redtube.

gladii to have been made by the company itGuards from the U.S., which does not respond to e-mails. The IP addresses handed the Berlin lawyer Daniel Sebastian, who answered neither emails nor phone calls for weeks, at the Cologne Regional Court in order to get pre-approved there, to request the appropriate for the IP addresses postal addresses in the telecom, so that the warnings could be sent. This last step took the lawyer Thomas Urmann, which has since plead that he had basically nothing to do with anything that happened prior to his task.

Legal spectacle

But the case has been in the past few weeks to legal spectacle. More and more come in place of the Abmahner Abgemahnt now under pressure to defend themselves. Many details of the case are condensed in the opinion of many jurists long been a suspicion of fraud. Completely unclear thus far has been as Roschu ever want to have stored video users with the gladii program the IP addresses. Appropriate technology, IT experts say, must either work on illegal manner – or they do not work


precisely on this issue by physicist Frank Schorr has written an opinion that wanted to publish so far neither the Cologne Regional Court, nor Schorr firm Diehl and partners. But now received the law firm Müller Müller Rößner from Berlin a copy of which she has published on the net.

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