Thursday, January 16, 2014

Microsoft delivers until July 2015 malware definitions for Windows XP -

Microsoft has announced that it will continue in April malware definitions will continue to provide support after the official end of Windows XP. Until July 2015 the users of the then nearly 14-year-old operating system will still receive new virus signatures.

Windows XP (Image: Microsoft)

“Microsoft has the support end for Windows XP for 8 April 2014 announced, “it says in a blog entry. “As of this date, Windows XP will not be a supported operating system more. To assist organizations in completing their migration, Microsoft Windows XP users to 14 is July 2015, continue to provide updates to its anti-malware signatures and engine. This has no effect on the support end of Windows XP or the Windows XP Support by other Microsoft products that deliver and apply these signatures. “

the System Center Endpoint Protection, Forefront Client Security, Forefront Endpoint Protection and Windows Intune For enterprise customers. Residential customers is Microsoft Security Essentials is available.

course, Microsoft wants to bring customers to upgrade their operating system. While it will try everything in the time remaining to help Windows XP users to indemnify their computers from malware infections, it makes no secret of the fact that an upgrade to a newer OS version is the better alternative: “Our research show that the effectiveness of anti-malware solutions is limited to no more supported operating systems, “writes Microsoft. “A well-protected system to operate, begins with the use of modern software and hardware, which is designed to protect against today’s threat landscape has to offer.”

Already in August 2013, Microsoft had warned against the continued use of Windows XP. Users must be aware in any case that current anti-malware solution can not guarantee complete security, if gaps in the operating system will not be closed. Currently Microsoft provides greater security updates for Windows XP, as passed on patch day.

In connection with the support end of Windows XP, Microsoft also points out that after 8 April Microsoft Security Essentials will no longer offer for the obsolete operating system. Who has the security software previously installed, you must use a competing product for malware protection.

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